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Our aim is to offer information allowing members to take value based decisions about the services and systems we have reviewed. With widely differing types of service it is difficult to find any single indicator that can offer a true comparison but arguably the most consistent is the return on investment – ROI. This is a calculation showing the percentage rate of return on the stakes invested.

The industry aspiration is generally to achieve a 10% ROI but even this may not be realistic in cases where the risk is reduced. A balanced approach to betting is always best and thus lower risk services should probably form the foundation of any portfolio which will then develop dependent upon the individuals risk acceptance level.

We will publish a list of the performances of our reviews which will be updated monthly. It will be ordered in ROI sequence but also show the last month’s points return as well as the overall points achieved since we started reviewing the service. The BBR status is also shown – we do not normally form a recommendation until at least 3 months data is available.

December 2021 UPDATE

  • ** – No further monitoring of these services
  • *** – Service has been discontinued
ROITotal Points Bank Data StartBBR 
PointsLast MonthPointsStatus
Golf Insider**53.32%235.07100Sep-19Recommended
Second Half Lay the Draw Trading48.88%11.73100Jul-20TBD
Elite Racing48.41%11.86-1.6720Sep-21TBD
Football Money Maker Method 734.17%18.5210.6420Oct-21TBD
The Golf Profiteer ***31.25%25.00500Sep-21Neutral
Bestway Racing ***21.87%64.3050Jun-20Neutral
Greyhound Insider***21.27%611.80200May-19Recommended
Racing Intelligence**20.62%840.6350Feb-18Recommended
Isolation Lays**16.36%35.20100Jan-21Neutral
Punter Paradise14.71%116.60-28.90100Apr-21TBD
I’mRigged ***13.13%165.49100Feb-20Neutral
The Master Plan***12.98%109.14100Sep-19Neutral
Easy Horse Race Lays  ***12.60%38.55100Oct-18Neutral
Racing Diamond **12.54%282.25200May-19Neutral
Tipping Point***11.04%150.43100May-19TBD
Blueblood Racing Tipster11.00%4.933.43100Nov-21TBD
Pay Per Profit ***10.28%69.62100Dec-18Recommended
Master Racing ***10.15%124.56100Jul-19Neutral
Golden Parachute **9.57%3841.63100Feb-18Recommended
My Favourite Lays8.73%165.3021.30100Jun-19Neutral
Beat the Line8.60%88.8819.2015Sep-21Recommended
Snowys Bets**8.44%117.35100Oct-19Recommended
Money Maker Method**7.37%1.9225Aug-20Neutral
Dutch Betting by Exponential6.93%90.7850Jan-18Recommended
Cricket Tipster**6.60%13.83150Feb-20Failed
Top Dogs6.15%115.208.14200Jun-19Recommended
First Favourite***6.04%22.4210May-15Recommended
The Racing King **5.79%110.34100May-19Neutral
Lay to Lose**5.02%82.07200Jan-21Neutral
Football Money Maker Method 34.94%81.20-0.9920Oct-18Recommended
The Statman Daily **4.56%84.11125Mar-19Recommended
Half Time Football Cash Machine4.42%1.9920Jan-20TBD
Football Money Maker Method 62.85%119.44-1.2020Feb-17Recommended
FRT Premium Tips2.84%6.646.44100Mar-21TBD
Many Moons  ***2.20%4.56100Apr-19TBD
Horse Race Money Maker Method 11.81%3.150.7220Aug-21TBD
Lay That Dog **1.74%15.45100Jul-19Failed
Football Money Maker Method 21.62%83.773.0820Dec-17Recommended
Football Money Maker Method 11.48%87.320.8720Oct-17Recommended
Football Fever1.17%2.531.69100May-21TBD
Trident Racing**0.76%4.3550Apr-19Recommended
Value Fav’s0.04%0.05-7.10300Sep-21TBD
Cash In On Football-1.51%-5.434.4550Aug-21TBD
Quantisport Best Value **-1.84%-23.28100Sep-19Neutral
Lay to the Bank-1.94%-27.5050Mar-21Failed
Goal Force***-3.62%-4.37100Jun-20Neutral
Classic Racing Gold***-3.95%-4.94100Apr-19TBD
Bookie Smasher-4.08%-18.0950Feb-20TBD
Place Profits**-5.02%-12.2620Feb-20TBD
Build My Betting Bank-5.14%-45.90100Nov-20Failed
RF Morning Tips***-5.19%-28.5050Aug-20Failed
Perran Farm Racing**-6.18%-50.15100Oct-20Failed**-6.44%-20.87100Nov-19Failed
Sports Day ***-6.51%-5.20100Aug-19Failed
The Inside Trap  **-6.63%-203.30200Mar-19Failed
Oz Racing **-6.74%-103.59200Jun-19Failed
Racing Odds **-6.79%-34.3850Jul-19Failed
Nap Man**-7.04%-79.67200Jan-20Failed
Daily Tenner-7.09%-35.4450Feb-21Failed
Direct Booms **-8.05%-203.16150Jul-19Failed
Sequence Lays **-8.40%-3.67100Oct-19Failed
Clerk of the Course **-8.84%-20.16100Feb-20Failed
The Football Guru  **-9.30%-167.80150May-19Failed
Racing Gold-9.70%-21.854.20300Sep-21TBD
F Lays**-10.78%-6.80100Dec-19Failed
Mathematical Winners **-10.98%-162.62200Dec-19Failed
Sean Haren Racing-11.17%-50.0050May-21Failed
Holy Grail **-12.16%-109.72200Apr-21Failed
Football Betting Expert **-12.45%-90.91100Aug-19Failed
Lee Li Low Lays-12.82%-34.20-10.2050Apr-21TBD
Goal Betting Formula***-13.16%-15.6020Sep-20TBD
Clever Lay System**-16.73%-50.0050Jun-20Failed
Treble Tips**-21.60%-73.92100Nov-19Failed
The Soccer Man-22.19%-73.36100Dec-19Failed
Red Eye ***-25.67%-2.6850Jun-19Neutral
Lays on the Football **-28.28%-40.891.86100Jun-21Failed
Golfing Guru **-29.06%-12.25100May-19Failed
Cleeve Racing**-29.23%-89.17100Jun-20Failed
Shane Murphy’s Irish Tips-29.33%-10.87-10.87150Dec-21TBD
Racing to 5K **-56.35%-36.00100Jan-21Failed
High Class Racing**-56.69%-201.20175Jan-21Failed
Racing to the Bank**-72.15%-57.00100May-21Failed

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