Perran Farm Racing

Name: Perran Farm Racing

How to Contact: Tipster Street website or email [email protected]

Guarantee? No

Price: £29 per month or £79 per quarter or £299 per year (covers all Tipster Street services (currently 15) – see para below re publisher recommendation

Service Summary: UK Horse racing win and each way tipping service covering flat turf and each way meetings. Advised by email on morning of racing.

Bank/Staking Advice: 100 point bank advised with 2 points staked per selection

Publisher Recommendation: Tipster Street is a unique publisher as the one subscription covers all services that they promote. They strongly recommend that bettors take a portfolio approach to punting using 3 or 4 services that suit their betting style.

Time Input Needed: Few minutes when selections received

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BBR Status: Failed

Review 1/5/2021: Before looking at the specific service it is worth explaining the way in which their publisher now operates. Tipster Street has been around for a long time now with origins back in NW Tipping and Ratings. The founder, Neil, recognised that the market is heavily saturated with sports betting tipsters and tried to bring a fresh approach to the genre understanding that punters will probably want to have more than one service at any given time. We have always suggested that a mixed portfolio is appropriate and Tipster Street has adopted a unique approach to this by offering subscribers the selections from all their 15 services for just 1 monthly fee. Thus subscribers can select the tipsters that suit their preferences from the full menu and even chop and change around as factors change to influence their betting. It is recommended that at least 4 services are followed to make a satisfactory portfolio.

Perran Farm Racing offers win and each way selections for UK horse racing on the flat (including All Weather) Since starting out they had shown a very creditable history with profits peaking at 274 points last summer at which point we were asked to take a look at them. The selections are advised by email on the morning of racing, a bank of 100 points being advised with each bet staked at 2 points. The vast majority of bets are straight wins and prices quoted are generally available at the time of advice..

This has clearly been a case of reviewers curse as since our monitoring commenced the bank has never been in profit. A total of 334 runners have been advised and 88 (26.3%) have shown a return for the bank. This compares unfavourably with the 41.3% strike currently advertised on the service website. The initial decline seen in the review was temporarily halted and a recovery looked likely but this year the trend has been significantly south and we have ended up with a 50% drawdown on the bank.

Doubtless the service is run properly and our experience shows that service results are reported correctly on the Tipster Street site. UKAST monitoring confirmed this earlier this year. Overall just over 10p in every £1 staked would have stayed in the bookmakers wallet which is somewhat depressing.

So we must award a failed status to this individual service but of course most would have moved on to another service \within the group by now. We are going to look at Football Fever but the choice is quite wide and the price has even reduced since we set up this review.

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