Sean Haren Racing

Name: Sean Haren Racing

Contact: Available via Bet Info 24 publisher website – email: [email protected]

Price: £24.99 per month or £59.99 per quarter

Guarantee: 30 days unconditional refund offered (Clickbank)

Summary: Horse race win betting advice advised by email night before racing. UK and Irish Racing covered. A variation on dutch betting with normally 3 selections per race.

Bank: 50 point bank recommended – staking advised with selections normally 1 point per runner

Time Required: Few minutes when selections received

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BBR Status: Failed

Review (October 2021) :

I received a couple of enquiries about this service which was heavily promoted through the Bet Info24 publishing house with reference to exceptional results. A former bookmakers employee is the man behind the service with an unusual approach in that he selects 1 race per day and then advises 3 horses on which to place win bets. The minimum recommended price is the author’s calculation of the true odds for the horse.

A 50 point bank is advised with 1 point staked on each of the 3 horses so long as they achieve at least the price recommended by the author. Selections are sent by email normally the night before racing. Average advised odds have been just under 7.0 and achieved odds a little under 10.0.

The main concern here was to ensure that results meet the price criteria and our view was that to qualify as a bet the recommended price had to be available at 3 of the bookmakers on Oddschecker at some time before the off. (More on this later) Of course this assumes that you are able to monitor prices for the whole time until the minimum is achieved as unlike the Betfair Exchange where you can set a minimum price a bookmaker offers a price at any given time and you accept it or not.

So off we went and although not setting the world on fire the initial results showed some potential peaking at a 15% capital gain. However, this was to prove a false dawn as the trend from there has been consistently downwards with some temporary gains when high priced winners were achieved. And after nearly 300 qualifying bets our betting bank was cleaned out.

I was surprised at this because there had been no comment from the service either apologising for a bad run or similar so when I looked at the published results on the service website I saw that in the same period as our review a profit of 61points had apparently been achieved. So naturally I asked the author how he checked to ensure that a price was achieved as clearly our formula was not working correctly.

He rather avoided the question put stating “If the required price is not currently available I personally check in the morning around 10am and then an hour or so before the off. I know that this is not always possible for some people with other commitments so an easy solution is to simply use Betfair Starting price which is better anyway than industry SP.” So quite how he managed to achieve winning prices when we were unable to is a bit of a mystery and the comment regarding Betfair SP is somewhat irrelevant as it may still not achieve the minimum advised and the service makes no mention of this option in any of its instructions to members.

So I’m afraid the conclusion I have to draw is that the results claimed by the site are not achievable in practice – Barry who undertook the review is meticulous in his price checking and has recorded the results as any normal subscriber would have been able to.

In the light of this we cannot recommend subscribing to the service and regard it as failed. Luckily there is a 30 day Clickbank guarantee available so you could escape if you have been snared.

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