Treble Tips

Name: Treble Tips

How to Contact: Steve Hudson, Treble Tips, 83 Ducie Street, Manchester M1 2JQ website or via email: [email protected]

Price: £14.95 per month or £70 per year (until 31/12/19 – normally £179.40)

Guarantee? Yes – 60 days unconditional refund offered

Service Summary: Football win betting tips grouped into trebles intended to be placed with bookmakers. Selections focus on major European leagues with tournaments and internationals covered during summer.

Bank/Staking Advice: 100 point bank advised with staking normally 5 points per selection

Time Input Needed: 10-15 minutes when selections received. Normally Fridays.

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BBR Status: Failed

Review July 31 2020: Over the years I have not found a really profitable football service and so when this one was drawn to my attention I had some hopes with its source being a longstanding publisher and the service having an apparently good track record over several years.

As the name indicates the service offers treble bets on worldwide football games with the majority coming from Europe. Selections cover the win, double chance, Draw No Bet and Over/Under goals markets and there were usually 5 sets per week but since Covid19 appeared the appearance of selections has varied to take account of the rather strange fixture list we are seeing. As may be expected the individual odds for the selections are low and the average combined odds we have seen has been 2.08 with a maximum of 2.92. A bank of 100 points was suggested with the usual stake 5 points, occasionally being reduced to 2.5 points.

Initially the performance was promising and a 20 point profit was seen but this turned out to be a temporary phase and by the time we were forced to take a break significant losses were being seen. As the service returned the staking was reduced to 1 point per tip but the results have continued to be poor and after just over 100 bets there is a loss of 66.45 points showing – 21.6p of every £1 staked has ended up with the bookmaker.

No comment has been made by the service which is still being offered for sale on a continuous discount which may expire soon. The results are being recorded properly but the text still refers to the long term out come despite the near 9 month decline we have seen. The selection emails mention if the last set of tips were profitable overall but ignore those where a loss was seen – by far the majority of course.

Even with the relatively low subscription rate and a refund guarantee the service does not justify joining and we regard it as failed. The search for a good footy tipster goes on.

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