High Class Racing

Name: High Class Racing

How to Contact: Michael at Premium Sports Tipsters – email admin@premiumsportstipsters.com

Price: £44 per 28 days or £44 for quarter 1 then £88 per quarter or £99 for 1st 6 months then £147 per 6 months

Guarantee? No

Service Summary: UK and Irish win betting advice based on information. Normally 1 bet daily.

Bank/Staking Advice: 175 point bank recommended – normal stake 5 points. Compounding recommended monthly

Time Input Needed: Few minutes when email received – also available via Telegram messenger.

BBR Status:


2 thoughts on “High Class Racing

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  1. Don’t know about High Class Racing but this is more like High Class
    The Service is dreadful and the betting bank will be lucky to see the week out.
    You only have to take a look at some of his picks to see they have little or no chance.
    For anyone thinking of joining i would strongly recommend they think twice!

  2. Definitely not one to get involved with. Since the beginning of this year it’s been loser after loser after loser.
    -76 points in Jan, -27.5 in Feb, -70 in Mar and -45 so far in Apr (today is the 10th).
    I think the results up to end Dec 2020 were made up to get people to join the service and there’s been no sign since that there ever going to manage those sort of numbers ever again.

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