Build My Betting Bank

Name: Build My Betting Bank

How to Contact: Willian Scott email: [email protected] or service website

Price: £42 +VAT one off payment for 2020/21

Guarantee? Yes – 30 day unconditional refund offered (Clickbank)

Service Summary: Football win betting using accumulators. Advised to use Betfair or bookie offering ACCA Edge facility (reduced price for refund if 1 leg loses)

Time Input Needed: Few minutes when selections advised (around midnight daily)

Bank/Staking Advice: £100 starting bank assumed – individual staking advised with selections

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BBR Status: Failed

Initial Thoughts 20 Nov 2020 : The marketing for this service has been very extensive and is a prime example of list gathering as the first priority. As I have mentioned before any offer that requires you to give your email in exchange for details is immediately on the suspect list and you should take the usual steps to get at the information without giving your email away. (My link above takes you past this requirement)

On top of that we have the old “legal betting loophole that cannot be overcome” headline. Another prime indicator that the substance of the service may not live up to the hype.

Because of the sheer number of different sources sending out the invitations I decided to try and set up the service for a review. But no response was received from the author despite his claims he always responds within 24 hours and in the end I signed up knowing that the Clickbank guarantee will be there if required.

Even when you do sign up the information advised is fairly sparse. We are told that football win accumulator bets will be the selections and that subscribers should use the ACCA Edge facility on Betfair where a stake is refunded if just one of the selections is a loser. In return you receive somewhat lower odds for the acca but the principle is the same as faller insurance or other gimmicks from bookmakers.

The aim is to multiply the starting bank by 100 in 3 months. Forgive me for not holding my breath.

Final Review 14/1/2021: When I started this review I alerted followers on Twitter and asked whether the service was serious or a joke. Well it turns out to be the latter.

The service is following the recent vogue as a so called challenge style offering – in reality this means that there is a wonderful marketing headline for use by the many professional marketeers most of whom would not know a racehorse from a marmoset. In this case punters were offered the prospect of turning £100 into £10k in just 3 months, the marketing emails claiming that this had been achieved before and would now be available to the public. Naturally no proof of the past claim was provided.

For some reason the author sends an email daily with a link to a web-page which details the selections and any other mostly irrelevant comments he has to make. If you are sending an email why not put the selections there?

I quite like the underlying strategy which is to use the ACCA Edge facility on Betfair Sportsbook and so have some insurance if 1 of the selections fails. The requirement for skill on the part of the selector remains of course but in general a safety first approach is to be welcomed.

The selections have advised multiples from doubles up to 6 folds. Odds have ranged from 2.01 up to 11.11 at the reduced levels. Sometimes the insurance is not used – often after a losing bet where it appears the hope of making up losses over-rides the potential of the selections.

There have been 54 selections advised and just 14 of these have been successful (25.9%) There was a winning run of 4 bets at which point we were told that a summary of progress would be prepared and posted but after the next bet lost that never materialised. Just 2 of the last 12 selections have been successful and none of the losers have been able to take advantage of the insurance. There has been a lot of bleating about bad luck from the author but the reality is that many of the individual selections would not have made a singles bet on a soundly based service. Even to my untrained eye selections were made that were marginal and this guy is supposedly offering a professional service.

The results spreadsheet offers more detailed analysis for those interested but in just 55 days the betting bank is completely blown – the last bet was advised as a £20 stake but there was just £12.40 left in the bank and my enquiry of the author as to how the stake could be appropriate was ignored.

It seems as though the real reason for launching this service was to gain email addresses for future marketing – in addition there have been many other services recommended in the selection advices none of which have proven track records. It seems like a return to the bad old days when authors treated their clients as gullible and made no pretence otherwise. Luckily many have moved on from this but clearly William Scott has not.

The service is obviously a failed status and hopefully members will avoid any further recommendations from this source where it has been necessary to use Clickbank customer services to obtain the refund offered for dissatisfied clients.

Update 21/2/2021: Despite the losses incurred the service continued as though nothing was amiss, crowing about the very occasional winner and ignoring the regular further losses recommended. Of course the real reason for the continuing tips was the hope that you would subscribe to another recommended service using his affiliate link. It does now seem that he has given up as nothing has been sent to the list since 16 February so hopefully we can draw a line under this sham of a service.

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  1. I subscribed to this and it’s useless. Day 49 and my betting bank has gone from £100 to just over £110. Errrr yeah well on my way to the £10,000 😂😂

      1. Ha oh dear, well to be fair I did miss a couple of bets and I don’t use Betfair so I can’t use the Acca edge. So that seems to have helped 😂 but overall it really is useless isn’t it, and he clearly hasn’t done it before like he claims.

        1. Completely agree with your last point – this is a common theme of this type of service I’m afraid. The comments the author makes in his selection advices demonstrate he is not approaching this professionally – the only real question left imho is when does he completely blow the bank.

          1. I had £12.40 left before yesterday’s losing treble. he has not replied to enquiry as to how we were supposed to stake £20! Will post full review later but you can probably guess the conclusion!

  2. Agreed, I was going to test it and get a refund but left it too late. Thought clickbank offered 60 day guarantee but it’s only 30 days now. Oh well you live and learn!

  3. Yep have to agree guys with the negative feed back.Gave up a couple of weeks ago useless.All ways worrying when they start giving you leads to different services.

    As the man said we live and learn.

  4. Agree with all your comments.
    I keep thinking I will give it a few more days, but keep losing.

    I also left it too late for a refund but will still try on PayPal.

    So I have gone back to Total betting club and found some great systems for football plus hundreds of other systems .

    Also much cheaper

    1. Sadly typical of this type of vendor. Worse that he thinks we are stupid – claimed a stake refund on 2 bets but the terms and conditions clearly state would not be the case as 1 leg was voided. Has not replied to my email pointing out the inaccuracy!

  5. i used PAYPAL to pay for this and claimed the money back after 14 days as this was such a con, my own picks where winning more, i just wish there was a way that you could find where these con artists live. so far i have subscribed to 5 of these cons and every time i cliam my money back, use PAYPAL your guaranteed to get your money back.

    1. Thanks Francis. Technically Paypal can reverse a refund but once Clickbank Customer services have made the payment back to you that is it.

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