Build My Betting Bank

Name: Build My Betting Bank

How to Contact: Willian Scott email: or service website

Price: £42 +VAT one off payment for 2020/21

Guarantee? Yes – 30 day unconditional refund offered (Clickbank)

Service Summary: Football win betting using accumulators. Advised to use Betfair or bookie offering ACCA Edge facility (reduced price for refund if 1 leg loses)

Time Input Needed: Few minutes when selections advised (around midnight daily)

Bank/Staking Advice: £100 starting bank assumed – individual staking advised with selections

Initial Thoughts 20 Nov 2020 : The marketing for this service has been very extensive and is a prime example of list gathering as the first priority. As I have mentioned before any offer that requires you to give your email in exchange for details is immediately on the suspect list and you should take the usual steps to get at the information without giving your email away. (My link above takes you past this requirement)

On top of that we have the old “legal betting loophole that cannot be overcome” headline. Another prime indicator that the substance of the service may not live up to the hype.

Because of the sheer number of different sources sending out the invitations I decided to try and set up the service for a review. But no response was received from the author despite his claims he always responds within 24 hours and in the end I signed up knowing that the Clickbank guarantee will be there if required.

Even when you do sign up the information advised is fairly sparse. We are told that football win accumulator bets will be the selections and that subscribers should use the ACCA Edge facility on Betfair where a stake is refunded if just one of the selections is a loser. In return you receive somewhat lower odds for the acca but the principle is the same as faller insurance or other gimmicks from bookmakers.

The aim is to multiply the starting bank by 100 in 3 months. Forgive me for not holding my breath.

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