First Class Racing

Name: First Class Racing by Mel Gee

Contact: Service details here – initial offer – or email: [email protected]

Price: £129.97 per quarter or £399.97per year

Guarantee: 30 days unconditional refund offered for quarterly subscribers, 60 days for annual

Summary: Horse race win betting advice for Class 1 racing only in UK,Ireland and France. Win, each way and place bets may be advised.

Bank: 20 point bank recommended – up to 2.5 points per selection staked

Time Required: Few minutes when selections received – available on members area of website or via Telegram group

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Initial Information: The author has been involved in horse racing at all levels for decades and previously operated the highly successful First Favourite service which had to close when the racing fixtures excluded the suitable races for possible selections. This service reflects a style of betting that Mel has been following personally for years and was brought to the wider world after a stringent trial on a public Telegram group. Initially launched as Elite Racing but name changed Feb 2022 as conflicted with another service previously established.

The following is information conveyed by Mel to his members recently, demonstrating clearly why the chances of him being successful are significantly better than average:

I won’t do this every week, but I thought after our no bet winning selection last Saturday, I would open the door a little earlier to let you experience some behind the scenes work I carry out for us as a matter of course.

It might help temper the expectancy a little – but I doubt it! 😉

The entries are in for Saturday’s racing which is the earliest we will be involved this week.

There are several races for us to be interested in, but at this point, just one race and one horse is on my pad.

Thursday is declaration day and at around 1 pm we’ll know if we still have something for the weekend, Sir!

It is unlikely prices will be available until Friday, and prices will determine further, our interest or not.

Then Saturday, and if we are good to go, I’ll update after 10.00am.

The above is a daily routine and repeated so that nothing is overlooked and the process is error free. Our race will be looked at many times prior to Saturday.

I am always working several days in advance and having settled on Class 1 races only, the time I have and pleasure I get from this niche market approach, is time and pleasure I treasure.

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