The Holy Grail

Name: Holy Grail Horse Race Method

Contact: published by Punters Mate Group email: [email protected]

Price: £149.95 per year

Guarantee: None stated

Summary: Win horse race betting system based win tipping advice. Selections advised daily over UK and Irish races. 2 selections per race to be dutched until 6 wins achieved – recovery staking used.

Bank: Minimum £500 recommended with target £10 per day winnings – pro rata can be applied above this eg £1k bank = £20 per day win.

Time Required: Potentially significant. Need to follow live racing until target achieved. Example of day’s batting shown below

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BBR Status: Failed

Review May 2021:

Our intrepid reviewer Barry found this service and thought it worth a look, especially in view of the claims made in the marketing email. Which in a nutshell suggest that the system is completely bomb proof and will make its followers significant profits.

A copy (or more accurately access) was provided for us to allow a review and there were immediate concerns from both Barry and me. You are provided with a list of selections for each race in the UK and Ireland and are expected to back them (with certain exceptions) until you have achieved 6 winners. There are multiple selections per race so dutching is the staking method used.  As you need to cover a losing race in your staking for the next it is necessary to follow the racing closely on the day.

In the initial marketing it is implied that the service can be automated using a bot but unless there is an all singing and dancing model newly on the market I am unaware of one that will deal with the exceptions specified – so follow racing is the name of the game.

A minimum bank of £500 is advised which would be used to target £10 daily profit in successful races – the staking can be scaled up to a suggested maximum of £2000 bank aiming for £40 profit per day. Bets may be placed at any bookmakers but it is suggested that Betfair Exchange is the most practical option.

The selections are made available on the late morning of racing in the format shown above.

For practical reasons we have not recorded each days racing in detail but summarised the outcome adding suitable notes where appropriate. Our immediate concern on seeing the system was that apart from the time involvement needed there is a loss recovery staking plan involved – past experience indicates that these can be both expensive and stressful but there could always be the exception that proves the rule.

Initially there was some success and the bank grew by 20% in April albeit with a few scary days encountered. May started off with a bit of a reversal and then recovery but then in just 4 days the bank was completely blown – the last race required staking of £740.38 to achieve the profit target after 21 losing races in a row. The proverbial balls of steel and probably more needed to follow that!

In our review we had the advantage of not having to place actual cash – pity those poor people that have bought the service and so are likely to be trying to recoup the cost. We have asked the service how they see the performance and for a link to another review which they claimed was underway so we can see how others have fared. Despite a couple of reminders they have ignored the request and the other review which they claimed was ongoing has not been specified sufficiently well to allow us to check this.

We cannot recommend this system in view of the high risk involved. The lack of comment in response to our questions says a great deal and we suggest it is given a wide berth.

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