Pay Per Profit

Name: Pay per Profit

How to Contact: Punt hub manage service

Price: £40 per round which should generate minimum of 15 points profit. Next payment only due when profit achieved

Guarantee? No

Service Summary: Horse race win tipping advice advised by email night before racing. Subscriber pays initial £40 which covers all selections until cumulative 15 points or greater profit achieved. May then join next round if so wish.

Bank/Staking Advice: User determines point value. Each selection individually staked.

Time Input Needed: Minutes daily when advice received which is via Telegram messenger (free) software.

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BBR Status: Recommended

Review: Billed as a brand new way to bet the service is structured into betting rounds which you join at the commencement to benefit fully. Having paid your initial sub you will then receive win horse racing tips until such time as the cumulative profit reaches (or exceeds) 15 points. At this point you start again paying a further sub if you wish – there is no compulsion to join the next round with payment remaining in your control at all times.

Selections are normally advised the evening before racing but can be received at any time. It is recommended that Best Odds Guaranteed bookmakers be used if possible. The tips are advised using a program called Telegram which is easy to install on both desktops and mobile devices. An audible alert can be set so you should not miss a selection.

Each selection is staked individually either win or each way and up to 4 points per advice with the normal being 2. The value of a point is left to the individual to determine – maximum draw down to date has been 10 points. As noted on the website a point value of £10 should result in at least 11 points profit per cycle.

To date there have been 5 completed cycles with the time taken varying from 8 days to just over 1 month. There are not bets every day. The screenshot below shows the results summary after round 5 and the overall ROI has been an impressive 56.16%. The worst performing round still achieved an ROI of 19.35% which many tipster can only dream about.

Pay Per Profit Summary April 2019

It does seem as though the service has struck a good balance between the needs of the punter and the tipster. The latter is very much on his mettle to provide a profit or his income stream dries up. The punter is not tied in to costly subscriptions and only makes the next payment when he is showing a profit. Full results can be viewed here.

While it may be frustrating that you are only able to join at the start of a cycle this is the only practical option and you should not have too long to wait if past history repeats itself. Risk has been reduced to an acceptable level and the return has been good value. Given these factors the service is worthy of recommendation.

Update 4 June 2019: Round 6 has just completed achieving a 16.53 point profit albeit the longest time taken to do this at 72 bets placed over a period of 38 days. Even so the ROI was above 10% and the overall performance remains good at 33.68% after 154 bets.

Round 7 will be underway shortly and if round 6 turns out to be the “worst” experience punters will not have too much to worry about.

Update 19/6/2019: Rather more quickly for round 7 to achieve the target – just 11 days and 28 bets despite being a way negative at one point. The ROI for this round was 28.29% not far off the average of 32.85%. The next round starts on 22 June.

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