Racing Odds

Name: Racing Odds

How to Contact: Paul Towers via Racing Odds website or email: [email protected]

Price: £49.99 per month

Guarantee? No

Service Summary: Win horse race betting advice available via email or member’s area of website. Average 1 bet daily posted around 10am on morning of racing. Intended that Best Odds Guaranteed bookmakers used.

Time Input Needed: Few minutes daily

Bank/Staking Advice: 100 point bank advised with 2 point level staking – additional staking options available

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BBR Status: Failed

Review 1/3/2020: The service author approached us to seek a review which is always a good sign. And the web site is straight forward telling you what is on offer and detailing historic results for the service.

A horse race win tipping advice service which advises selections daily on the morning of racing either by email or access to the member’s area of the website. On signing up you receive a welcome email with staking information – a 100 point bank is suggested with 2 point level staking considered the safe option. Further options are also suggested up to 3 points per selection and it is also suggested that betting at BSP should be profitable although the recommendation is that BOG bookmakers are used.

Where the service differs from many is the odds range for tips which are normally between 3.0 and 6.0. Certainly nothing short and obvious and with an average of around 1 tip daily nothing too extravagant there. The advice emails are clear and the odds quoted have normally been achievable at the time of issue.

At the outset we saw good progress with a rise of all but 50% in the bank and after a dip a new peak was reached about 6 weeks into the review. But sadly that was the beginning of a long downwards trend which continued for 4 months before some more gains were registered. The starting bank is still showing a loss of 35% before taking any subscription payments into account.

In all we saw 254 runners of which 53 were successful (20.86%) with the best winning price 7.50. This strike rate is somewhat under the overall 26% shown on the site and a look at the results summary shows the difficulties we have experienced recorded. So the question is whether past glories can be restored? A 7 month trial should be enough to determine whether there are prospects of long term success and our results do not support a positive view being taken. At nearly £50 the subscription is at the high end of the mid range and cannot be considered value. Undoubtedly a genuine service which could well prosper again if you take the view that starting at the bottom of the trough is potentially the most profitable. Would be a brave man that does so mind you.

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