Daily Tenner

Name: Daily Tenner

How to Contact: Richard Burton – email: richard@dailytenner.co.uk or via Website:

Price: Currently waiting list – prices to be determined shortly (1/3)

Guarantee? 30 day unconditional (Clickbank) when subscriptions live

Service Summary: Horse race lay betting advice aiming to make £10 profit daily from 6 selections. Advised by email with additional selections if required.

Bank/Staking Advice: £100 initial bank recommended for £2 staking

Time Input Needed: Few minutes when initial selections received – may need to place additional selections later in day but not compulsory.

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  1. I do this , Looking at his system it is utter crap, My system is pick 5 races each £2 lay, but my horse selection means the lay odds are never more that 9 points and the it is what the odds of the favorite and how many runners in the race, so far this month I have had 41 winners and 1 loss, don’t take my post as a punt, check out my twitter account they are all on there for February for all to see and the tips are free.

    1. Thanks for thoughts Lawrence – have you been following the service thus far? What is your assessment based on? As regards your tips can you clarify the criteria as Twitter feed does not give any limits.

      1. Have checked with the publisher Lawrence and the email address is fully functional – please contact them to resolve any issues you may have.

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