Daily Tenner

Name: Daily Tenner

How to Contact: Richard Burton – email: [email protected] or via Website:

Price: £20 per month or £40 per quarter or £90 to 31/12/21 (as at 1 March – current subs not clear)

Guarantee? 30 day unconditional (Clickbank) when subscriptions live

Service Summary: Horse race lay betting advice aiming to make £10 profit daily from 6 selections. Advised by email with additional selections if required.

Bank/Staking Advice: £100 initial bank recommended for £2 staking

Time Input Needed: Few minutes when initial selections received – may need to place additional selections later in day but not compulsory.

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BBR Status: Failed

Review 12/5/2021: Finding a consistently profitable horse race lay betting service has been difficult during the near 11 years I have been looking. Here the intention is to make £10 profit daily from 6 bets staking at the Betfair minimum of £2 – the extra bet allows the commission on winnings to be discounted. Although the marketing for the service was intense it was not particularly over hyped even though there was no independent pre launch proofing. The author suggests that you should double the recommended £100 starting bank in about 2 weeks.

On signing up you receive a welcome email plus a link to the service instructions which are detailed and clear. A sensible acceptance that some horses will win offered options for those able to follow racing through the day but also advised that it could just be left to the initial selections if this was not possible. Sounds minor but precise advice on how to use a service is a positive sign – not being sure what to do in all circumstances can lead to greater losses than might otherwise be the case. Initially an additional email was sent later in the day advising further bets but after a month this was changed to an advice of further bets being sent in case of need.

Those who started from day 1 were on a free trial basis and the author asked for views on various aspects of the service including price before a figure was set after a couple of weeks. At this point a profit had been seen.

The selections email is normally received mid morning on the day of racing quoting odds achieved by the author – it was inevitable that some movement would take place with subscribers all trying to match at this time but the figures achieved have been fairly close to those advised most of the time. It will be appreciated that not all followers will achieve the same outcome unless there is a 100% strike rate of course! The emails also included a screenshot of the previous day’s outcome for most of the selections.

Initially the trend was positive with the bank adding 72% after 3 weeks all of which was then lost over the next week so we were starting again. Since then the outcome has been very variable with losses wiping out any gains quite quickly. Since mid April the bank has been hovering around its starting point and the early May outcome has been a disaster with the ban declining to 28% of the starting figure. No comment has been received from the author who long ago stopped sending his results with the daily emails.

What is interesting is the difference in the performance if betting to BSP – the blue figures on the spreadsheet. As may be seen the losses were significantly reduced and at the end of the review period the bank would still be showing a profit. I find it incredible that a service author had not undertaken this research before launching so as to be able to advice subscribers accordingly.

During the review there have been bets advised on 68 days which should have been looking at a profit of £680 according to the marketing. So we are £750 short of this and it seems pointless monitoring the service further – a clear fail status and I should be very wary of the service recommendations which are being sent from this source as the chances of proper due diligence having taken place seem remote.

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  1. I do this , Looking at his system it is utter crap, My system is pick 5 races each £2 lay, but my horse selection means the lay odds are never more that 9 points and the it is what the odds of the favorite and how many runners in the race, so far this month I have had 41 winners and 1 loss, don’t take my post as a punt, check out my twitter account they are all on there for February for all to see and the tips are free.

    1. Thanks for thoughts Lawrence – have you been following the service thus far? What is your assessment based on? As regards your tips can you clarify the criteria as Twitter feed does not give any limits.

      1. Have checked with the publisher Lawrence and the email address is fully functional – please contact them to resolve any issues you may have.

  2. I paper traded the selections given and some SP were quite high AND there were a number of times there were 2 selections in the same race avoid like the plague 6 picks to make less than £2_on each when you risk up to £20+ no thanks

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