Sequence Lays

Name: Sequence Lays

How to Contact: Pro Betting Club publish via website or email: [email protected]

Price: £19.75 per month or £44.75 per quarter (normally £39.50 / £89.50)

Guarantee? No

Service Summary: Lay betting advice for horse racing. Short priced runners (av 2.60) usually 1 per meeting. Advised via password protected area of website.

Time Input Needed: Few minutes when selections available (by 12.30 on day of racing)

Bank/Staking Advice: 100 point bank advised with recovery staking and stop at a winner daily. Suggested best operated with betting bot but not essential.

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BBR Status: Failed

Review 2 February 2020: This publisher has been around for several years offering a series of services which are usually system based. They provide good information for potential subscribers to consider and usually respond to enquiries promptly. However, there have been some issues with the website on occasion in the recent past and some emails have not been acknowledged.

On signing up you receive a welcome email with access information for the members area of the website which gives the staking information and is where the daily selections are available. No emails are sent with this information. A betting bank of 100 points is recommended and the suggestion is made that the service may be automated using The Bet Engine bot. (We adopted this method as it saves considerable time and effort as well as ensuring that you do not miss any bets. Unless you are really dedicated to following all of a days racing the need to be alert to results and the next stake calculation could be irritating.) The site advises that tips are available by 12.30 daily but in practice the timing varies and there have been occasions when no tips have been shown for the day and no message advising this.

The instructions are rather bullish including the assertion that the system is”designed to ensure you never lose money” and that it delivers a 100% strike rate. Now the latter is clearly not the case as demonstrated by their own results disclosure and the former claim only holds water if you have a bottomless pit of cash available for betting.

Sequence Lays offers selections of favourites which are considered vulnerable, 1 per UK race meeting per day and these are laid up to a maximum price of 5.0 with recovery staking the intention being to stop as soon as a winning bet is achieved. So the aim is to make a 1 point profit per day – should a losing run extend to 5 bets then the sequence restarts from 1 point on the next race.

Our review started in October and proceeded quite smoothly at first – there was the odd day when there was no winning bet but next day always corrected things until late November when a sequence of 5 losing bets occurred costing the bank 52 points having peaked at a profit of 40. And this immediately shows the weakness of the service as it will take at least another 52 days to recover to where we were always assuming there is not another sequence of 5 losing bets in the meantime. In our case this would have taken us to at least January 20 and if there is not a winning bet on a day the period extends.

In our case we went through to 29 January when we were 6 points off recovery to the previous peak when a run of 6 losing bets occurred and we lost 77.7 points reducing the bank to less than 60% of it’s starting point. So it will now take 44 days to get back to where we started and another 40 to reach the past peak. You really would need the patience of a saint to be prepared to do that and who is to say there will not be another losing sequence to scupper things well and truly. And let’s not forget the subs you will have been paying for 8 months if successfully recovering.

In all we had 102 days with selections and 90 of these were profitable but insufficient to cope with losing sequences of 129 points. Of course you may be prepared to let the recovery continue to say 7 races in which case you would be well in profit but it would take a far braver man than me to do this!

So I’m afraid that I cannot recommend following this service as it may well be genuine and the historic stats support profitability but our monitoring has shown the risks involved which are not worthwhile in my opinion.

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