Lee Li Low Lays

Name: Lee Li Low Lays

How to Contact: After initial free trial on Telegram service now offered via Tipster Street (need to sign up to receive tips)

Price: Currently on free trial via Tipster Street website

Bank: Author suggests 25 point bank will be adequate but 50 point for conservative bettors.

Summary: Horse Racing lay betting advice where selections will be odds on at time advised.

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BBR Status: Failed

Review: A straightforward lay service for horse racing which started life as a free trial on the Tipster Street platform before morphing to a Telegram group where daily selections were posted. What singled out the service was the very low odds for selections the main criterion being that the horse was odds on at the time advised.

The author advised that a betting bank of 25 points would be adequate (but users could opt for 50 if they felt more conservative). As tips were advised at up to 3 points stake this implies strong confidence in the process and of course the intention was to turn the service into a paid subscription if successful.

As members will know I have been reviewing betting systems and service for a considerable time now and one of my early looks was a lay system devised by Derek Nadin through the now defunct Sportsworld publisher. I have stayed in contact with Derek since then and have found that his horse racing knowledge is second to none. Every time a lay service appears we talk about it and his general advice is that there has never been a successful system/service at odds below 4 – if there had been he would be using it himself.

We did not start our review at the start of the trial which appeared to be going well and a major plus point was the low liability where a horse actually won the race so the bank should not suffer too much. The number of selections varies from none to 4 daily and a sliding scale of staking from 1 to 3 points seems to apply dependent on the odds.

The initial performance was solid with a 4 point gain seen but things soon started to go down hill. The author would generally comment when he had a successful day but offer no explanations for poor results. Timing of the publication was variable and the impression was given that the tips were a secondary concern. Towards the end of the flat season it was suggested that the advent of more jumps racing would improve both the number and performance of selections.

As evidence by the results, this was not the case and the trend has been inexorably south after the initial month. More than 60% of the bank has been squandered and slightly more using BSP which is the only proper way to assess results as advised odds are not always achievable. Selections became fewer and comments all but non existent and in December the telegram channel closed with tips then available on the Tipster Street daily advice. This did not stop the rot and after 6 days of no tips in January the service has disappeared without trace.

The potential for recovery from the position seen was minimal and we are not surprised at the closure of the service which we can only class as a failure.

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