Bespoke Results Service

Just by being interested in this site it can be assumed that you are serious about making a profit from sports betting. If so, you should make sure you keep records of everything you do so it is easy to assess your overall position. A lot of punters only remember the winners and are quite surprised when they start to check out the overall performance record.

The easiest way to do this is by using spreadsheets which allow a flexible way to record all the information that you are likely to need. There are many software programs offering spreadsheets perhaps the most famous being Microsoft Excel part of their Office suite but there are perfectly adequate alternatives many of which are free to use.

Recently I have started to use Google Sheets which are cloud based and so can be accessed from anywhere there is an internet connection. All the results for reviews on this site are accessed through that service.

Basic Win Service Record

What is so great about these programs is their flexibility but some potential users perhaps shy away from making the best use of the possibilities thinking it will be too complex.

So I have been asked to offer a bespoke service setting up spreadsheets and offering one to one training if required. Anything from a simple sheet to record 1 service through to a portfolio set up can be provided and of course on going support is available. Costs are shown below:

  • Set up 1 sheet and provide written guidance on use £5.00
  • Set up Multiple sheets with written guidance on use £4.00 each
  • Set up single/multiple sheets and provide one to one training £20.00 per hour
  • Complex set up operations – ask for quotation.

To take advantage of this service please email me – peter (at) with an outline of your requirements and I will confirm cost and timing for your request.

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