The Nap Man

Name: The Nap Man

How to Contact: Published by Bet Social Apt 31452 Chynoweth House, Trevissome Park, Truro TR4 8UN – website or email:[email protected]

Price:£44 per month or £88 per quarter or £127 per half year (early bird discounts may be available on longer term subscriptions)

Guarantee? No

Service Summary: Information based horse race win tipping service. Intended for backing at BOG bookies or BetfairSP. Selections advised on morning of racing via email or Telegram group.

Bank/Staking Advice: 200 point bank advised with 5 point staking per selection (in effect 40 point bank with 1 point stakes)

Time Input Needed: Few minutes daily.

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BBR Status: Failed

Review 31/12/2020: We have followed this service since launch which was in January 2020. The marketing was strong and claimed 350 points profit in 4 months proofing – lauded as “one of the most prolific NAP BET specialists we have ever proofed”.

As the name implies the service is simple usually offering 1 bet per day which is advised by email or Telegram group at varying times from the night before until late morning on the day of the race. The horse is usually favourite or if not near the top of the market. Prices are generally available but occasionally have gone by the time the bet is received.

A 200 point bank is advised and initially it was stated that all bets would be for 5 points – this is a typical profit boosting ploy which in this case meant that a 40 point bank should suffice with 1 point level staking. But it did not take long for selections to be advised with varying stakes and so perhaps the bank advice is now reasonable.

A worry for many with this type of service would be maintaining bookmaker accounts when they are likely to be winning but we were advised that the service was also profitable at BSP and so would be suitable for those with this concern.

There was in fact no need to worry. From the outset the strike rate has been poor and the betting bank has only briefly shown any profit at all. Of the 234 runners we have seen just 92 have won (39.32%) and with average odds of 2.64 the outcome is predictable. At BSP the performance suffers more despite higher average odds of 2.78 as the winners are almost invariably at higher bookmaker prices.

Our results show both prices and the losses are now standing at 39 points for advised prices and 82 points down at BSP. No allowance for subscription costs has been made.

Naturally every tipping service will endure poor spells – most will comment on the position to their members but the Nap Man has carried on merrily with not so much as a hint of an apology for the poor long term performance seen.

The subscription is mid range and cannot be justified on the performance we have seen. We will carry on monitoring for a further period but could not recommend the service which must be categorised as failed.

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  1. This company is a con, the email address does not work
    results on web pages are fabricated

    do not fall for trial period via paypal
    you cannot cancel and end up with a recurring payment

    report to trading standards

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