Lays on the Football

Name: Lays on the Football

How to Contact: James Barclay, Lays on the Football Suite 10, 44-46 Elmwood Ave, Belfast BT9 6AZ Website or email [email protected]

Price: £33 (plus VAT) for 3 months or £57 (plus VAT) for 12 months. If no bet on any day subscription length extended.

Guarantee? 30 days unconditional guarantee offered (Clickbank)

Service Summary: Football tipping service averaging 2 lay tips daily in various markets. Advised by email.

Bank/Staking Advice: Stake of 4-5% of betting bank advised calculated on progressive basis.

Time Input Needed: Few minutes when selections received.

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BBR Status: Failed

Review (Nov 2021): All the usual email marketing preceded the launch of this service , the author having apparently been using his system for years but of course has never thought to proof it independently before selling to the public. (Note for members – any service can use the free facility at Proofing Index to show his results are genuine)

I received a prompt and helpful response when seeking permission to review, the author advising he had previously offered a service called Betting Bank Builder. In essence the service offers email advice on football bets that will not be successful with staking advised at 4-5% of the betting bank on a progressive basis.

The majority of selections advised have been in the 1×2 or Over/Under goals markets and matches have ranged from internationals to pan European leagues. Odds have ranged from 2.08 to 4.30 averaging 3.13 which those of you that bet on soccer will know are difficult odds with which to achieve success when backing to win. So laying ought to be easy peasy at these prices.

But sadly this was not the case with the bank taking a hit on day 2 and generally declining through the 73 selections advised. (This is about the number of bets he claimed had made a profit of £1k+ in 60 days) As may be seen from the chart the bank has shown a downwards trend throughout the review and a detailed look at the results shows that selections all but ceased at the end of August and the few seen since have been an attempt to push other unproven betting services.

Email enquiries to the service are now ignored and there has been no comment from the author about the appalling results. He is now just emailing his list highlighting other services which have no independent verification behnd them.

So the service has nothing to commend it and must be regarded as a failure. As must any thing else coming from this source.

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    1. Trying to find info about this service, but nothing online apart from their offer details. How long have you used this service? Are you quite happy ? Thanks

  1. There only seem to be selections now when another service can be recommended from an affiliate link. Performance has been patchy at best so far.

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