Isolation Lays

Name: Isolation Lays by Richard Davy

How to Contact: Sportsworld Publishing Ltd Barnsley via website or email: [email protected]

Price: £20 month 1 then £40 per month or £60 quarter 1 then £90 per quarter

Guarantee? No

Service Summary: System based lay betting advice for horse racing. Normally 2 bets per day advised to be placed at BSP – max 15.0

Bank/Staking Advice: No advice given – assumed 100 point bank with level 1 point backers stake

Time Input Needed: Few minutes when email received – normally late morning

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BBR Status: Neutral

Review: The Sportsworld brand has been around a long time morphing from paper based products to on line even if it never quite felt as though they fully embraced the brave new world that the rest of us have become accustomed to. They have always offered potential tipsters a testing ground with free trials in the hope that success will lead to a fully fledged service and Isolation Lays is one such instance of this.

The service offers daily horse race lay betting tips – normally 2 per day advised by email on the late morning of the races. It is intended that the bets, which are split into 2 tiers, be placed at BSP subject to a maximum price of 15.00. We are told that selections are derived from a system (tier 2 arriving after the initial testing period when it was found that more that 1 selection was possible).

No staking advice is given but as usual Sportsworld base their results on the unrealistic staking of £100 per selection which would require a bank of around £10k if based on 100 points. Level 1 point staking is indicated by the results on site.

The initial performance was hardly inspiring when looked at jointly – the bank was briefly in a profit situation but took over 2 months to return to positivity, the main culprit being tier 2 bets which are still not showing a profit over the whole review period. In late April a long run of successful bets was achieved – 60+ – and this restored the overall position to profit and has allowed a positive marketing stance from Sportsworld even though they fail to distinguish between the tiers. As demonstrated by our analysis just betting on tier 1 selections would have improved profits by around 35% and the ROI to 37.93%. 12 of the 20 losing bets came from tier 2.

In all we have seen 208 selections qualifying with a strike rate of 90.3% achieving a profit of 35.2 points at an ROI of 17.09%. With a high odds range the potential for short term changes in the bank is high and the initial performance must have potential for repeating in the future.

So while the recent history is showing good profit we would award the service a neutral status in view of the potential risk involved.

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