Lay to Lose

Name: Lay to Lose

How to Contact: Mike Cruikshank Lay to Lose website or via email: [email protected]

Price: £99 plus VAT – one off payment

Guarantee? Yes – 30 days Clickbank guarantee available.

Service Summary: Horse race trading systems using races where bookies guarantee to lay bets up to £500. 3 systems and race identifying software included with full video training on how to use strategies. Can be used by those with gubbed (restricted) accounts. Aim is to make £10-12 profit per qualifying race.

Bank/Staking Advice: Initially recommended staking very small to ensure familiarity with strategies. As skill develops can be staking to win £500 in a qualifying race. For comparison purposes have assumed 200 point bank at £10 per point

Time Input Needed: Up to 15 minutes per qualifying race – number per day will vary with most at weekend. Need to be able to watch live markets from 10am.

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