Football Betting Expert

Name: Football Betting Expert

How to Contact: Betting Gods Malta Ltd website The Quay STJ 4010 Portomaso Malta email: [email protected]

Price: £1 for first 7 days then £29 per month or £79 per quarter or £279 per year

Guarantee? Yes – unconditional 30 day guarantee available

Service Summary: Email based football win tipping advice. Singles and multiples with selections from world wide leagues.

Bank/Staking Advice: 100 point bank advised – staking advised individually

Time Input Needed: Few minutes daily

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BBR Status: Failed

Review 31/12/2019: Betting Gods is one of the leading publishers of sports betting services and has a good reputation generally for their straightforward approach and good customer service. All their services are proofed for at least 3 months before a public launch is considered and there is always a 30 day unconditional refund available for any subscriber. The results are maintained promptly and have been shown to be accurate over the long term.

Football Betting Expert was a runaway success in his pre launch proofing and had shown a near 250% growth in the bank in 7 months. The service offers a range of football tips in the 1×2, Half Time Goals, double chance and a few other markets. Advised by email the tips are normally received on the morning of the match and quoted odds are showing at 3 bookies or more. The leagues range from Premiership down to 6th tier leagues across the footballing world. No commentary is offered on the selections.

On signing up you receive a welcome email outlining the way the service operates and advising a 100 point betting bank. Stakes are advised with each selection and range up to 5 points averaging 1.70 per bet. Odds are generally below evens which is to be expected for a football service.

We started our review in August and have seen 420 selections advised of which 136 (32.3%) have been successful. Simple maths will show you that this performance was not going to generate a profit and the bank is now standing at 9 points from the initial 100 with 12.45p of every £1 staked remaining with the bookmaker. The analysis of the bet types shows a sorry tale for all but the Half Time/Full time tips where only 11 points was staked.

A loss was seen in every month of the review and it seems as though the pressure of providing tips to the public has been too great for this author. No obvious change has been seen in style during the review and no comment passed on the performance.

In the light of such a poor performance we cannot classify the service as anything other than failed. We note that the website now suggests a betting bank of 250 points is appropriate but no advise of change was given to existing subscribers and this would merely have reduced the percentage loss showing on the bank but other metrics would be the same.

Undoubtedly a genuine service but sadly the search for a really profitable football tipster continues.

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