My Favourite Lays

Name: My Favourite Lays by Roger Purssord

How to Contact: Sportsworld Publishing website or email:[email protected]

Price: £20 month 1 then £40 per month or £60 quarter 1 then £90 per quarter

Guarantee? No

Service Summary: Horse racing lay betting service advised by email on day of racing. Max odds 15.0

Time Input Needed: Minutes daily when selections advised

Bank/Staking Advice: 100 point bank assumed with 1 point level staking

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BBR Status: Neutral

Review 31/12/2020: One of my very early reviews some 10 years ago was a System from Roger Purssord which involved frantic lay to back in race using dial up internet connections. Need I say more! But over the years he has produced a number of services and systems all via the Sportsworld publishing house and doubtless has some loyal followers despite a rather chequered history.

This service is a straightforward laying advice service with selections advised by email on the morning of racing. No bank advice was given with qualifying selections initially laid at 1 point backers stake. Recently a second type of selections has been introduced where the stake is 0.5 point. Maximum price for the 1 point stakes is 15.0 and for 0.5 point bets up to 30.0

The advice to punters is that bets should be placed on receipt of the selections which is fine but the results are specified at BSP and so the prices can vary significantly. The implication was that selections would have been race favourites in the tissue price zone but this has certainly not been the case throughout and a couple of system tweaks were made through the review period, usually after a poor run of results.

It seemed logical to record performance at the price when tips received and BSP ( Sportsworld argued that it is difficult to place the same stake at BSP which is of course not the case if you use a suitable bot) and the chart shows the advised track in red with BSP in blue. I have discounted results at BSP where the price exceeded the limit (win or lose) unlike the service which includes them at whatever price they went off except when a winner. In short the published results do not bear any resemblance to what a subscriber is likely to have achieved.

Quite why this strategy was used is a conundrum as by using BSP and keeping to the limits specified the service would have made a decent profit – just over 108 points during the review period. Taking the advice given by the author to back on receipt of the selections would have resulted in a loss of 14 points before the mid range subscription is taken into account.

In mid November the author was hospitalised and the anticipated 5 day break turned into a full month. Subscribers were not offered a refund but an extension of their subscription and we are advised that the author is now to retire fully on 28 February. No new subscription are being taken. The return has not helped with 2 winners from 10 runners.

So those with experience could have turned a profit from the service if they used their heads but those following the advice from the author would be less than happy. As it was possible to profit from the service and no more subscribers can be drawn in we will classify it as neutral despite the obvious shortcomings. I will keep the results going until the end of the service but not update further here.

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