Direct Booms

Name: Direct Booms

How to Contact: John via Tipping Gurus website or email: [email protected]

Price: £5 for 1st 14 days then £25 per month or £60 per quarter

Guarantee? Yes – 60 day unconditional guarantee offered

Service Summary: Win and each way information based betting advice for horse racing advised by email around 10am on day of racing. Further bets possible if late information received.

Bank/Staking Advice: 150 point betting bank recommended – staking advised individually with selections

Time Input Needed: Few minutes daily

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BBR Status: Failed

Review 31/12/2019: A relative newcomer to the sports bet publishing community Tipping Guru’s has a good range of authors now and follows a tried and tested path with pre launch proofing to test potential and then offers a 60 day unconditional guarantee for all services.

The service title here might well put off some potential customers as a serious punter is more interested in steady progress than a Twitter style bellow every now and again. I have always been sceptical about services that boast their being information based especially when they are relatively cheap – any decent information that is not shared with a myriad of others will be very expensive to obtain and so we are talking second rate intelligence at best here.

On signing up you will receive an initial email setting out how the service operates. Normally emails are received on the morning of racing but the timing can vary significantly and advices within an hour of the race have occasionally been received. A betting bank of 150 points is suggested with staking specified for each selection individually up to 5 points. Most selections are straight win bets but each way multiples and forecasts have been seen too.

After a slightly shaky start the service seemed to blossom and at one point was showing a 43% capital gain. However the early promise has been well and truly dissipated and the trend has been downwards despite several false dawns.

Since the review started in July there have been 684 bets advised with 205 producing a return. Having recovered to almost break even at the start of December there has been another poor run and the bank now stands at just 27 points (18.2%) of it’s starting point. Another 10 points has been pledged for next year’s Derby and Cheltenham so the reality is all but 90% of the bank has gone before taking into account any subscription costs.

What has really surprised me is that the analysis of bet types shows that without exception the bets other than straight wins lose money for subscribers. If only win bets had been advised a respectable profit would have been seen and punters would be much happier. Surely an author described as a “professional tipster with 5 years standing” should be able to self analyse and see where the problem lies? The lack of adjustment is very worrying.

I am always reluctant to write off a service which has shown it may be capable of producing good results but with nearly 700 bets and no immediate prospect of a profit for long term subscribers it is difficult to regard this as anything but a failure. I will continue to monitor for a further period but am certainly not holding out any great hope of redemption – and even if there were what chance a further fall from grace in the future?

Final Update 12/1/2020: Despite an up beat end of year message stressing that it was only 2 months actually lost in 2019 there remains little real hope here. More like desperation creeping in with a disastrous trip to Meydan where 1 source apparently was in a position to advise the likely winner in 4 races. And then we had a ridiculous advise for the Cheltenham Festival splashing out 33 points when the bank was already all but bust. After today’s bets have lost 15 points the bank is well and truly bust and I see no point in continuing to monitor the service which has shown that sources of information which allow a cheap subscription service to be based on them are really only helping the tipster and his source.

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