Name: F-Lays

How to Contact: Telegram Tips, Appt 19041, Chynoweth House, Trevissome Park, Truro TR4 8UN Website or email: [email protected]

Price:£47 per month or £97 per quarter of £147 per 6 months

Guarantee? No

Service Summary: Football tipping service selecting sides to lay ie bet against them winning. Advised by email or Telegram messenger. Requires betting exchange account to operate.

Bank/Staking Advice: 60 point bank advised with 1 point backers stake per selection.

Time Input Needed: Few minutes when selections received.

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BBR Status: Failed

Review: Launched with the sort of fanfare we have come to expect from this group of tipping services, the aim is to lay against football sides winning their game. Supposedly open to just 75 punters ( you all know my thoughts on this type of marketing ) we were told that there had been 61 winning bets from 64 pre launch with odds usually below 2.5. The betting bank had apparently increased by 4000% which closer examination shows to be impossible from 64 bets using the 1 point level staking recommended.

The selections are advised by email and also available via a Telegram group. Usually 2 or 3 bets per day clearly showing the bet to be placed. But what will be a surprise to most is the leagues from which the selections are derived – hardly anything from what would be regarded as quality football and this f course means that the liquidity on Betfair is extremely limited with the example results at £100 backers stake being little more than a fantasy for many of the selections. Indeed on some selections there were no exchange odds available for games so it was suggested that Double Chance back bets be placed for the other side.

Now all of this might be acceptable if the performance matched the pre launch claims but again this was not the case – 92 selections were received and just 54 were a success (57%) with losing runs of 4 matches seen twice. With average odds of 2.78 this has not led to disaster but the bank is showing a 10% loss over the review period.

With the onset of Covid 19 the selections ceased – not unreasonable but would have been good to get an official note of plans for the future. I assume that any subscribers received refunds for the continuing subscription but could not be sure. I did ask what was happening when football resumed but was told it was too soon for selections to re-start. Since then have heard nothing but am surprised to see that subscriptions are still possible from the sales page.

There has been little to commend this service since the start and the performance alone rates caution but when considered with all other factors there is no alternative but to regard the service as failed.

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