Football Money Maker Method 2

Name: Football Money Maker Method 2

How to Contact: Chris Williams, Football Money Maker Series, email

Price: £41

Guarantee? No

Bank/Staking Advice: 20 point bank advised with 1 point staking

Time Input Needed: Minutes daily after initial training completed

BBR Status: Recommended

Review: At the time of writing this review – June 2019 – I have been following the system for about 18 months and of course have been looking at systems from Chris Williams for much longer. He is a straightforward vendor who offers products which are very much as described on his marketing pages and this is the second of his win betting football strategies.

The format here is the same as usual – on purchasing you receive access to the documentation and video training which are very comprehensive. A beginner to betting could use the system without any other research being needed. You should also be aware that once you have purchased there is no refund option – Chris makes this clear on the marketing page and it is a reasonable policy as once you have paid the full information is available and can hardly be returned.

Users should accept they will need to invest an couple of hours in learning how to use the strategy but once this has been undertaken the daily routine is very simple. Weekends are naturally busier than weekdays but bets may be found on any day – once you know the process you might be taking up to 15 minutes on the busiest days.

As with Method 1 this strategy is seeking to find matches where at least 1 goal will be scored. It uses a free to access prediction website for the initial selections and then further filtering is achieved using Betfair data. The strategy has 2 avenues for bets, the second will only come into play if the first is also possible.

A minimum price for bets is 1.05 but Chris suggests that where the initial price is less than this then a keep at in play bet be placed at odds 5 ticks above the base price. If a goal is scored before the prices reaches this level no bet will be placed – the results show this happening with the note “GTE” where a bet is void. But in such cases you will also have placed an option 2 bet and so still have a profit potential for the game. Staking is recommended at 1 point per selection from a 20 point betting bank.

With just over 1700 bets qualifying the system is demonstrating its solid foundation. A strike rate of 93.6% has been achieved with some long successful runs resulting in a profit of 37.88 points at a combined ROI of 2.23%. The option 1 bets are the significant majority of the betting and have produced a better ROI of 3.07%. My selection process is to concentrate on the well known leagues normally the top 2 divisions only where the play is likely to be more predictable. A less conservative approach might realise greater profit for a user.

This is a low risk strategy which is an ideal foundation for a balanced betting portfolio. The low end ROI may deter some but with a low one off entry cost and minimal ongoing time involvement it is difficult to argue that the system is not good value.

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