The Football Guru

Name: Football Guru

How to Contact: Anthony Weaver, Tipping Gurus or email: [email protected]

Price: £5 for 14 days then £25 per month or £60 per quarter

Guarantee? Yes – 60 days unconditional guarantee offered

Service Summary: Win tipping service for world wide football advised by email night before games. Wide range of markets used including multiples.

Bank/Staking Advice: 150 point bank advised with individual staking – normally 2 points per selection

Time Input Needed: Few minutes daily

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BBR Status: Neutral

Review: November 4th 2019 The Tipping Gurus site was established by the author of this service after having had direct experience of operating with a large publisher. As many have found the restrictions that you have to suffer in such circumstances can detract from the service itself and the urge to do things the way you want overtakes.

Football Guru has been around since 2015 and offers an email based win tipping service for soccer, the main niche being the search for selections where the odds better that evens which is not easy in the football world. With this in mind a betting bank of 150 points is recommended and most selections are staked at 2 points. Normally emails are sent the night before games with clear advice as to the selection and the market involved. Although the majority of bets are straight result predictions there have been more than a dozen different markets used including multiples up to goliath genre.

On signing up you will receive a welcome email with an outline of how the service operates and then it’s down to business. A 60 day guarantee is in operation which allows a good look at things without risk and the first 2 weeks are charged at a nominal rate before the full subscription kicks in.

You are certainly not going to be short of activity with the service, some 600 bets having been seen in the last 6 months. And as you would expect with the higher odds range employed (average is around 4.0) the strike rate is less than 50% – currently running at about 38% and so beating the probability. But this does mean some nice sized wins the best return being a 19.97 odds treble. The odds quoted have been available at the time emails are sent out.

After a promising start there was a typical end of season malaise giving a draw down of about 50 points before a recovery which hovered around the break even mark until the current season started. Things have declined since then and we are showing a loss of 120 points at the time of writing which the author recognises is less than satisfactory.

When subscription costs are added in there has been no return for subscribers over the review period of 6 months. A pity because the concept is interesting and it does not take very much of a change in fortune to restore profits. No doubt very frustrating for the author as well as subscribers.

In the hope that the recovery starts here, we will continue to monitor the service and taking into account the genuine nature which is seen will award it neutral status. We shall update our thoughts at the appropriate time.

Final Update 15/12/2019: Following our initial review I had hoped that a recovery would be seen and indeed there appeared to be a subtle change in the selections advised with multiples all but ignored and less exotic types favoured. This led to a boost in the bank but this has only been short lived and after yesterday’s eight selections plus multiple the bank is well and truly gone. I have let it run a little past the initial breaking just in case but a loss of 178 points is all but impossible to recover from despite the higher odds betting favoured by the service. A pity as doubtless the intentions are sincere but with only 2 from more than a dozen bet types showing profit the time had more than passed for a re-analysis of the methodology here. In the circumstances we have no choice but to re-classify the service as failed.

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