Quantisport Horse Racing

Name: Quantisport Value Horse Race Betting

How to Contact: Quantisport website for service information or email via Contact page

Price: £1.99 per day or £39 per month

Guarantee? No but 14 day unconditional refund offered when signing up

Service Summary: Site offers ratings for every UK horse race allowing users to assess own systems etc. Available by 10am daily. Also monitors price movements in real time. Review covers recommended Best Value selections.

Bank/Staking Advice: Best Value Option suggests 100 point bank with staking advised individually – normally 1 point

Time Input Needed: Somewhat user dependent – Best Value system would take around 5 mins per race meeting daily.

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BBR Status: Neutral

Review 3/2/2020: Whenever a service provider approaches us asking for a review to be undertaken they immediately get a great big plus sign in the check list. It demonstrates a confidence in their product and shows they are not afraid of scrutiny – just compare that to the lengths some will go to to make sure their performance cannot be monitored.

Ian, the developer of the software supporting this site has been running the program since 2018 and felt sufficiently confident to promote to the outside world having seen profits achieved. He personally monitors the service and responds promptly and with insight to any questions raised.

The site offers a range of ratings for UK horse racing which are accessed via a members area of the website. This can be viewed easily on any device. The prime driver is to uncover selections where the odds in the market have been mis-priced – usually described as finding value – and the information provided allows betting based on data rather than the heart. Information for the day is usually available by 8.30am.

Once you have signed up and received access to the members area it is then down to the subscriber to make use of the information presented as it suits them. The image below shows an example of the Primary ratings display which indicates the top rated horse in the race, the minimum odds considered value and the forecast odds along with the Quantisport rating.

By toggling the buttons at the foot is is possible to see the same detail for all horses in the race and on a separate display (see below) the odds movements for the field during the day.

So you now have a user friendly reference point for the day’s racing but as your wont might take you you can now select from 4 further options of ratings:

We followed the Best Value ratings where a single selection is offered in some of the days races. Over some 5 months of selections we saw more than 1100 selections where the minimum BSP odds criterion was achieved and of these 134 (11.82%) won their races at odds of up to 74.49! A look at the results will show that in all there were 195 winners from the selections made but 61 did not make the odds limit – sounds a bit frustrating but there were also a fair number of potentially losing bets that also did not make the odds.

At the end of the day we are showing a small loss overall which is disappointing after reaching a peak of doubling the betting bank. However, the potential of the system and ability to make use of the ratings is clearly demonstrated.

At not much more than £1 per day the information provided is good value and will appeal to those who want to determine their own betting destiny rather than rely on tipping advice. Because of the specialist nature of the service we will classify as Neutral while accepting there are likely to be those who will find it invaluable.

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