The Golf Profiteer

Name: The Golf Profiteer

How to Contact: Tipster Street website or email

Guarantee? 30 day unconditional guarantee (Clickbank)

Price: £5 for first 14 days then £25 per month or £65 per quarter (covers all Tipster Street services (currently 16) – see para below re publisher recommendation

Service Summary: Professional golf tipping advice for US and European tours. All bets given each way.

Bank/Staking Advice: 500 point bank advised with 2 points staked per selection

Publisher Recommendation: Tipster Street is a unique publisher as the one subscription covers all services that they promote. They strongly recommend that bettors take a portfolio approach to punting using 3 or 4 services that suit their betting style.

Time Input Needed: Few minutes when selections received

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