The Golf Profiteer

Name: The Golf Profiteer

How to Contact: Tipster Street website or email [email protected]

Guarantee? 30 day unconditional guarantee (Clickbank)

Price: £5 for first 14 days then £25 per month or £65 per quarter (covers all Tipster Street services (currently 16) – see para below re publisher recommendation

Service Summary: Professional golf tipping advice for US and European tours. All bets given each way.

Bank/Staking Advice: 500 point bank advised with 2 points staked per selection

Publisher Recommendation: Tipster Street is a unique publisher as the one subscription covers all services that they promote. They strongly recommend that bettors take a portfolio approach to punting using 3 or 4 services that suit their betting style.

Time Input Needed: Few minutes when selections received

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BBR Status: Neutral

Review December 2021: A typical golf tipping service from the long established Tipster Street publisher. Selections advised by email for the 2 main tours with tips being for each way bets, the odds for golf tournaments typically being somewhat high!

A betting bank of 500 points seems high but with the long odds generally involved those wishing to bet on this market should accept that there can be long losing runs. You should be prepared to look at at least 6 months performance before coming to a conclusion for this type of service.

We started in late September 2021 and have seen 7 profitable bets from 47 advised which has put us nicely in the black at an ROI of 31%.

However, for some reason which has not been disclosed to subscribers the service has been summarily discontinued so we are unable to follow any further.

Have allocated a neutral status in light of all this.

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