Goal Force

Name: Goal Force – Automated Football Tips

How to Contact: Available via Punt Hub – see web page

Price: £45 per month

Guarantee? No

Service Summary: Football betting system using automatic placement with Bet365 through software bot – must be used on Windows based system. Device must be operative at all times and user must have Bet365 account.

Bank/Staking Advice: General advice given – 50 to 100 point bank with staking at 1 or 2 points as determined by user.

Time Input Needed: 15 minutes to set up bot on personal device then no time input needed.

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Initial Review 20 June 2020:

The Goal Force service started earlier this year but had to go into hibernation during the lockdown. With a return to some sort of normality on the football front the service has been able to get going again.

Very much a niche product the service offers a betting bot which works with the users Bet 365 Account and places bets automatically when the Goal Force server identifies an opportunity. In this day and age I hope that the fact this is software that needs to be installed on your – must have a Windows operating system – device will not put you off. It really is a simple process but if you have any doubts then I suggest you read the guide which can be downloaded before you pay out any cash and check you are comfortable with what is required.

On signing up you will receive a file download which has the program (app) that you need to operate the service. When installed this display will show on your desktop

By using the settings button you then set the betting parameters for your personal – staking at up to 2% of your allocated betting bank is suggested. The stake you set is going to be used for all future bets placed by the bot. Although the bot will now run automatically you will need to ensure that there are sufficient funds in your Bet365 account at all times.  In addition you will need to set up your device so that it never hibernates – bets can be set at any time during the day or night.

And now it is just a question of letting things happen so long as your monthly subscription is up to date. All your personal data is stored on your device and so there should be no security issues. This shows an example of the sort of information that will be displayed when the bot is operating – you may also see information about bets being placed on the Telegram signals channel that you are given access to on signing up.

I found everything very straightforward from the set up angle and support is available from the supplier if required. It is now down to performance which we shall update regularly – at the time of writing a profit of nearly 11 points has been achieved.

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