Mathematical Winners

Name: Mathematical Winners by Roger Purssord

How to Contact: Sportsworld Publishing website or email:[email protected]

Price: £149.95 single payment includes 12 months support. System sent by post only

Guarantee? No

Service Summary: Mechanical system identifying horses to bet in both win and place markets on Betfair. Normally produces 2 or 3 selections daily. Historic results available on website.

Time Input Needed: 10 minutes initially on day of racing then would need to monitor qualifying races for 5 minutes up to the off. Could use bot to reduce time input.

Bank/Staking Advice: Not specifically advised – 100 point bank for each market type assumed.

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BBR Status: Failed

Review 31/12/2020: Somewhat unusual in this day and age to be offered a paper based mechanical horse racing system but the author has published several previously and the published results made for good reading. The system is posted to subscribers and any updates (which are promised for life) are sent via email.

The idea is take advantage of the higher place prices that will apply for 8 runner races where 3 places are paid (and so can be fewer runners at the off so long as 3 places paid). The system is set out quite clearly but unless you are using a bot (The Bet Engine will cover the requirements nicely) you not only have to spend time before racing compiling a list of possible races it is then necessary to follow the racing live to check on qualification and the appropriate horse to be the selection. Potentially very time consuming.

The twist in the system is that you back the selection to win as well as place if the odds are below a specific figure and the author claims that this is the difference between profit or loss overall.

Using a bot means all possible races have been covered and the experience is that the system does not work. At the beginning a profit was seen for a short period but a look at the chart shows the general trend to be downwards and the ban was nearly bust at the end of November to be saved by a couple of race winners. But if you are really looking to make money from this rather than have the ability to boast of high priced winners in the pub then you would be pretty disappointed at having laid out £150 for the privilege.

As far as I call tell the system is not for sale now but if you are offered the chance to buy my advice would be not at any price.

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