Golfing Guru

Name: The Golfing Guru

How to Contact:
Via website Tipping Gurus or email: [email protected]

Price: 14 day trial £5 then £25 per month or £60 per quarter

Guarantee? Yes – 60 days unconditional refund available

Service Summary: Win betting advice for US and European golf tournaments. Advised by email with analysis and comment plus report on previous week’s outcome. Full results on site showing average 50 points profit per month Jan – April 2019.

Bank/Staking Advice: 100 point betting advised with individual staking specified with selections

Time Input Needed: Few minutes when tips advised – normally Tuesday each week

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BBR Status: Failed

Review 1 Sept 2019: The format for this service is very similar to other golfing tipsters with weekly visits to the main events on the European and PGA tours. Selections are made in the first day 3 balls and win markets with the occasional venture into other realms.

The service recommends a betting bank of 100 points with individual staking or normally 1 or 2 points advised with the selections. Emails are sent on the Tuesday each week allowing advantage to be taken of the best prices and also giving potential to trade out opportunities should a selection perform well early in the tournament. The advice is to let the bets run, however.

During the review emails have been received in good time and the prices quoted have been achievable if acting on receipt of the advice. In 3 months some 330 individual selections have been advised. We were fairly close to the launch of the service which had been trialled by the publisher since January this year and had performed well averaging 50 points profit per month.

However, the service has not performed since our review started and with 67 of the 338 bets being successful (19.8%) the overall effect has been to completely use up the betting bank. A look at the analysis shows the day 1 match bets have been successful (offering an ROI of 142%) while the event selections have left 45p of every £1 staked at the bookmakers.

All very disappointing and while the service is run professionally and golf betting does require an acceptance that there will be long losing runs to break your bank completely is going to destroy any possible confidence a subscriber may have. The service results mirror ours and the continual downwards trend is most discouraging. A closer look at the service results shows that the initial profit was very early in the testing and the trends have been negative for a long time.

In the circumstance we have to consider the service status as failed and we do not plan to continue monitoring any further.

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