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How to Contact: 85 Great Portland Street London W1W 7LT Website or email: [email protected]

Price: Free

Guarantee? Not applicable while free service

Service Summary:Horse racing win tips derived from social media tipsters followed by the author.

Bank/Staking Advice: None given – 100 point bank with 1 point staking assumed

Time Input Needed: Few minutes daily when selections received

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BBR Status: Failed

Initial Review 23 November 2019: A couple of members contacted me about this service which I had also received notice of directly through Jason at Bet Info24. The hook was the claim that the author makes money from horse racing despite not being a tipster himself and he is happy to share these with you for free. Now as an adopted Yorkshireman I am aware that there is no such thing as a free lunch and so I thought I had to check this one out.

Accessing the website offers a little more detail – you will be advised of what the site owner considers the best tips from the many services he has checked out. When you sign up you receive a welcome email advising that he will continue to monitor services to make sure he keeps sending you the inform tipsters selections.

No staking advice is offered apart from warning to keep stakes low if things are not going well and you are told that if his favoured services come up with discounted offers to subscribe he will pass these on. There is also a recommendation to sign up with the second string bookmaker Mansion, using an affiliate link.

As you will appreciate from the way this site is set up we do not see a problem with recommending services via affiliate schemes so long as the recommendation can be visibly justified. It remains to be seen whether Boombets will be able to make the grade or is just an email list gathering exercise.

Update March 2020: Well, the expected torrent of recommendations did not materialise and we have been left with a nearly daily list of tips for straight wins and often dutching as well. No proper staking advice was offered but after a while – with results being somewhat indifferent – it was suggested that stopping at a win should be considered with recovery staking as required. Almost every email has suggested that we keep stakes low because of the adverse racing conditions generally.

As disclosed in the results the overall performance has been poor with a 20% drawdown on the bank at level stakes. With selections being made by the service author from a larger list of tips he has received followers are relying on his judgement to pick the right ones and this will never be easy as long term views need to be taken rather than daily snapshots.

It is difficult to see what real value the service offers and I would not recommend following the selections as they are delivered. Sure the intentions are good but just being free does not confer quality. We will not be monitoring the selections further.

And the day after I write this review we are sent a recommendation for a service offered by the infamous Jon Owen of Equine Management. A real black mark for this guy’s judgement and the final nail in his coffin for me.

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  1. Have followed this for over 100 bets now and down.

    He even recommends you sign up to a bookmaker
    using an affiliate link.

    So at this rate it seems you hand over your money
    and he gets his.Hmm!

    Now it gets even better he is taking a day off to evaluate
    the tipsters that have made him a “So called” fortune in the last year.

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