Football Money Maker Method 3

Name: Football Money Maker Method 3

How to Contact: Chris Williams, Football Money Maker Series, email

Price: £42

Guarantee? No

Service Summary: Self selection football correct score win strategy with detailed video training included.

Bank/Staking Advice: 20 point bank advised with 1 point staking

Time Input Needed: Minutes daily after initial training – between 1 and 2 hours will be average

BBR Status: Recommended

Review: I have been following the work of Chris Williams for several years now and it is fair to say that since he has concentrated on simple football strategies he has not looked back. As usual he offers a detailed video training suite with this package and it really does not omit anything that is relevant – existing clients may be able to move through some elements more quickly but if you are a newcomer to the world of betting then you can use this without the need to look elsewhere.

Once you have purchased and downloaded the material for the system there is no refund available. Chris rightly points this out on the marketing page and the nature of the product is such that we consider this a fair stance to adopt.

Method 3 involves identifying soccer matches from anywhere in the world using a free prediction website and backing up the selection with Betfair’s statistics. There can be selections on any day but the majority are likely to be found at the weekend. You need to commit to an hour or more of initial learning but once you have mastered the process it is unlikely to be more than 15 minutes of your time spent in making selections.

The strategy is looking to identify games where a maximum number of goals are likely in a match. There are 2 options to be considered and it is fair to say that the prices for this method are higher than we normally see from Chris – in the range 1.20 – 1.60. The user will decide which option to use as selections are made – for the purposes of the review I have always taken the lower priced option so long as the minimum 1.20 price is achievable. It should be noted that prices can vary through the period pre match. Once bets are placed they are allowed to run so no further time involvement is needed. Bets can be placed with bookmakers but the suggestion is that Betfair Exchange is most suited to the system.

As with other reviews I have tended to stick to the well known leagues and usually the top 2 in any country. My thought is that the top professional sides are slightly more predictable than most and backed up by the selection process it allows the best chance of success. Others may adapt their style of course and certainly it is unlikely that users are going to achieve the same results.

It is now 9 months since I started monitoring the system and there have been 545 selections of which 470 have been successful (86.2%). Staking is recommended at 1 point per selection with a 20 point bank available. We have seen a 61 point profit achieved at an overall ROI of 11.16% – the majority of my results are for option 2 which is the lower risk and has seen an ROI of 9.25% which is very acceptable for a low risk system. If you are able to leave you capital in the system it will have increased fourfold in the trial.

Despite the higher odds – and so greater risk – the system has worked well over the period with just 1 period of down turn. If users adopt a cautious approach at the outset they should be able to find a level that suits their risk profile without risking their betting bank.

At a one off cost of just £42 my results would have paid back the cost in just 3 bets and with a longest losing run of 3 bets it is not too disheartening to recover any losses. A balanced approach to football betting which is excellent value for money and we are happy to recommend.

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