The Racing King

Name: The Racing King

How to Contact: Jerry at Tipping Gurus or email: [email protected]

Price: £5 for 1st 14 days then £25 per month or £60 per quarter

Guarantee? Yes – 60 day unconditional guarantee offered

Service Summary: Win and each way betting advice for horse racing advised by email the evening before racing. Odds at higher level than most tipsters.

Bank/Staking Advice: User determines point value – each selection individually staked between 0.5 and 2 points. 100 point bank suggested.

Time Input Needed: Few minutes daily

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BBR Status: Neutral

Review May 2021: One our longest running reviews, following a service that tends to advise higher priced win and each way bets for horse racing. Published by the Tipping Guru’s house which has several former Betting Gods and Betfan tipsters who appear to have been treated harshly in their former guises.

The service operates very smoothly with email advice of selections normally received the night before racing. With the relatively high prices of selections the odds can move quite quickly but the advised figures have been found to be accurate. As well as singles the service advises multiples in case the selections all perform. A betting bank of 100 points is suggested, staking being advised individually from 0.5 to 2 points.

The majority of bets are win singles but as the analysis demonstrates these have failed to make a profit over the 1750 selections that have run. Straight each betting has shown an ROI of 16.84% which is creditable and the doubles have also been worthwhile with 85 points of profit arising from them.

Signs were promising initially for the service with a 100 point profit achieved in the first 3 months of the review. Since then we have seen a return to a drawdown position followed by a strong recovery and another 50% decline in profits before a surge to 200 points profit which has now receded to a net 110. So the picture is rather inconsistent and taken across the 2 years of the review the monthly subs of £600 would have left the net profits at 50 points or less than 0.5 per week. Nothing to get too excited about unless you like the thrill of the odd large winner rather than a worthwhile return.

The service is undoubtedly genuine and if you can get you timing right (and perhaps ignore the straight win bets) it might be worth following. Personally I should find it all very frustrating indeed. We have awarded a neutral status to the service which perhaps demonstrates quite clearly why a long term approach is needed to any betting project and why we do not make our recommendations in too much haste.

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