Master Racing

Name: Master Racing

How to Contact: Lee via Tipping Gurus website or email: [email protected]

Price: £5 for 1st 14 days then £25 per month or £60 per quarter

Guarantee? Yes – 60 day unconditional guarantee offered

Service Summary: Win and occasional each way betting advice for horse racing advised by email late evening before racing. Recently moved from Betting Gods where long track record established.

Bank/Staking Advice: 100 point betting bank assumed – staking advised individually with selections

Time Input Needed: Few minutes daily

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BBR Status: Neutral

Review August 2021: Something of a rarity nowadays – a straightforward horse racing tipster who studies the form and draws his conclusions which are normally passed on to subscribers. Selections are advised by email – normally win bets but some each way options are included on occasion. A betting bank of 100 points is suggested with staking advised individually – up to 3 points per selection.

Our review started in 2019 and several times I have been ready to form an opinion and the dynamics have changed leading to a deferral! The major change was a switch from Best Odds Guaranteed betting to taking BSP almost a year ago. For many this is a useful option as bookmakers restrictions become ever more draconian.

A look at the chart shows why it has been difficult to judge this service. No prolonged periods of profit or loss in the last 12 months and despite a steady profit being generated on the previous period the performance was never consistent enough to warrant a recommendation. The change to BSP betting did not bring the hoped for improvement – indeed staying with BOG prices would have made 10 more points over the period but the improvement was marginal in that time. While an ROI of 10% has been achieved over the full review period the BSP element showed a negative 2.8% return.

I suspect this poor performance recently has been the main factor in the author deciding that the service should cease. Doubtless he has the ability to make profitable selections but either this has deserted him or the process has become flawed. In the circumstances a neutral rating is warranted but all rather academic as not possible to subscribe now!

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