Place 2 Win

Name: Place 2 Win

How to Contact: Gavin Hale via Bet Professionals website or by email: [email protected]

Price: £40 per month, £90 per quarter or £120 for 6 months.

Guarantee? No

Service Summary: Win and place betting on horse racing. Normally 1 selection daily advised by email on day of racing. Bets to be placed at BSP

Bank/Staking Advice: 100 point bank advised with progressive 1 point win and 4 point place staking per selection

Time Input Needed: Few minutes daily

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BBR Status: Failed

Review October 2021: The principle behind the service is to minimise the down risk by placing both win and back bets on the 1 horse selected daily. The author has been betting for over 25 years and came up with this strategy which in pre-launch proofing showed a 77% strike rate and high profitability.

A betting bank of 100 points is advised with 25 points staked on each selection – normally 1 on the win and 4 place but sometimes 2 on the win with 3 for the place bet. Selections are advised by email normally on the day of the racing and intended that they are placed at BSP thus eliminating the potential problem of bookie restrictions. Stakes are calculated on the bank each day thus hopefully maximising the profit potential.

We followed the service from the launch and initially there was some success with the bank increasing by almost 12%. This was to prove a false dawn as from that point onwards the trend has been almost continually downwards. At first subscribers were offered some apologies for the poor running of an individual horse but this has long since ceased. In what looked a desperate attempt to retrieve the situation many selections were given using the additional place market but sometimes the place return hardly covered the losing win bet – it never ceases to amaze me that a tipster who has apparently been successful with 1 method will try to change when it hits a problem. It rarely works.

In all the review has seen 133 selections of which73 have placed (54.88%) and just 25 have won. This has translated into a loss of 70% of the betting bank despite stakes reducing as per the advised method. Of every £1 staked 15.86p has gone to some other happy Betfair punters.

The marketing page makes no reference to this still implying that things are wonderful. The site results to be fair do show the losses – 6 consecutive losing months.

As you will anticipate the service is classified as failed and we find it hard to believe that any subscribers are left now. Sure it was all done in good faith but I think enough is enough for this one.

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