Clever Lay System

Name: Clever Lay System

How to Contact: Service website or email: [email protected]

Price: 14 days free trial then either £25 per month or £60 per quarter

Guarantee? No

Service Summary: Form based lay betting advice. Selections sent by email or suggests use Bet Engine bot with automatic input. Selections normally available 11.30 am on day of race. Price range 2.20 to 9.99 BSP

Bank/Staking Advice: 50 point bank recommended with 1 point level staking

Time Input Needed: Minutes daily if using email or less with bot.

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BBR Status: Failed

Review 26 September 2020: I was interested to look at this service as not only does it offer relatively low priced lay betting but it can be automated and left to run with no input from the subscriber. Ideal for many who are either working or have other things to do during the day and cannot always monitor racing to check the price criteria are going to be met. Of course Betfair could help with this by allowing top and bottom price limits on bets but as they seem to be taking the quickest route to the lowest possible service level I imagine this is not going to happen!

On signing up for the service you are sent a welcome email with instructions for operating manually and the option to request details for operating automatically using The Bet Engine (in my view the best horse racing and greyhound bot available for system users). If you do this a comprehensive guide is sent to you with the necessary set up file for the bot. At this stage all you need to do is set up your staking and make sure your bot is running each day and the selections are automatically loaded at 12 noon.

If using emails then the advice is received around 11.30 daily and you will need to place lay bets for the selections so long as they fall within the range 2.20 to 9.99 at or just prior to the off. Level staking at 1 point of a 50 point bank is recommended by the service and with a historic longest losing run of 3 bets and 6 months profitability this would seem reasonable advice.

Just as we got started on the review the lockdown took hold and so selections were not made until 1 June. The number has varied significantly from day to day – just 28 in June (marginally profitable) up to 144 in August (significant losses). The strike rate for the review period was in the low 70% compared to over 80% pre review and while the losing sequence did not exceed 3 until mid September (5 seen) the lower strike rate meant losses being built up and the bank was completely blown on 14 September and continued to a more than 120% negative drawdown. Despite a 15 long successful streak since then the bank is not back in credit and the service has decided that enough is enough calling time on things.

Being system based there is always a danger things will go wrong but no suggestion has been seen as to why this might have been. Closing the service is fair enough as there is no likely chance of further subscribers even if some restoration of performance can be seen. A pity as the service was set up well but has just not performed in real time.

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