Football Money Maker Method 6

Name: Football Money Maker Method 6

How to Contact: Chris Williams, Football Money Maker Series, email

Price: £43

Guarantee? No

Service Summary: Self selection football goals scored backing strategy with detailed video training included.

Bank/Staking Advice: 20 point bank advised with 1 point staking

Time Input Needed: Minutes daily after initial training – between 1 and 2 hours will be average

BBR Status: Recommended

Review – August 2019: Although now styled number 6 in the series this system was originally sold under the name Football Trading Secrets Method 9 so if you already have that do not re-purchase! The simplicity and robust nature of FTS9 gave rise to the following strategy developments so Chris thought it fair to give those who have only seen the FMMM series a chance to benefit from this one too.

I have been monitoring the system since February 2017 and the full results are available from the link above.

You should be aware that once you have purchased there is no refund option – Chris makes this clear on the marketing page and it is a reasonable policy as once you have paid the full information is available and can hardly be returned.

The system information disclosed on the website is about as much as can be said without giving the whole game away. You will receive access to a training video which covers all the aspects of the strategy and will allow you to get started straight away. This is where the main time investment is involved as once you are familiar with the method the daily selections can be found very quickly. The main thrust is to place a back bet in the Over/Under 4.5 goals market but additional guidance is given for a lower risk possibility in the 5.5 market.

The selection process is simple and involves checking 1 free website followed up by verification through the Betfair exchange. An individual match can be checked in less than 2 minutes and once you have mastered the process you will find it easy to adopt a risk approach that suits your own stance. The intention is that once backed a match is left to run its course but should you have the time it is possible to monitor in play and trade out to minimise a loss if the games looks like going against you.

I have found that checking early in the morning for possible selections works well but there is no reason why the process cannot be completed the day before games if that is more suitable for the individual. Bets can be placed on Betfair or with a bookmaker as preferred. I tended to stay with the better leagues so liquidity did not become an issue.

It is suggested that a betting bank of 20 points is appropriate initially, staking 1 point on each game. With experience of the strategy in practice you may be able to increase the stake to 2 points in due course.

At the outset I managed to achieve a winning streak of 93 selections, mainly by being very conservative with the selections and while I have not managed to repeat this run a look at the results will show that long positive streaks are both possible and frequent. With over 1500 selections the strike rate has been 95.7% and the starting bank has increased by more than 550%. The ROI at 4.97% is low but very acceptable for such a low risk strategy. For those that want to consider improving the return you may consider placing the selections in doubles or even trebles – with the good winning runs seen there is potential here. I have not traded out in any games as some may wish to do although that involves a much greater time commitment.

It is important to stress that each user will have differing results as their selection process will vary from mine in risk terms but the principle is there and with careful use a worthwhile profit can be achieved.

A one off purchase at £43 can be recouped fairly quickly and from that point you should be seeing continual profit if adopting my type of approach. Would see this as a foundation type element of a structured betting portfolio and one that can be run easily with minimal time input needed.

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