About Us

Best Betting Review is an independent service reviewing all types of sports betting tipsters, system and software.

Our aim is simple – to offer informed and impartial advice to those interested in sports betting at any level. Tipping services and betting systems are monitored for at least 3 months and often more thus enabling a reasonable view of performance and value to be seen. Our main criterion for evaluation is the return achieved on stakes invested, a measure which allows varying staking plans to be compared readily. Many tipsters will inflate their bank and stake to appear to achieve higher profits – the larger publishing houses are particularly guilty of this ploy.

Background Information

Site editor, Peter Philipson, has been reviewing sports betting products since 2010 and has around 1500 completed reports to his name mostly as chief reviewer at More Money Review which morphed into Betting Rant. He was lately at Bet World Reviews which was closed down without warning by the Betfan organisation.

In addition he has investigated scam services and tipsters the most notorious being Chris Beek who was recently sentenced to over 5 years for his nefarious activities. As well as looking at services reviews are also completed on betting tools and software which are becoming more and more a feature of the sports betting scene.

Peter will be happy to respond to any questions – just use the contact form – and if there is a service that you would like reviewed just ask and we will do our best to include it. We also hope that you will contribute to the discussion threads thus adding further insights into the services under review. Please do not ever post information that would allow a service to be circumvented and we actively moderate all posts which should not contain insults or any other form of abuse.

How we work

Once a review is started we will normally add initial thoughts after a month and then come to a conclusion on the value after the third. Members will be able to see the ongoing results for reviews which are normally updated the day after selections are posted.

This site is free to all and we will never pass any member details to a third party. Covering the costs of the site is achieved by using introductory commissions where members choose to take out a subscription for featured services. So if members use our links you will be helping to continue the expanding work of the site.

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