Racing Diamond

Name: Racing Diamond

How to Contact: Mark via Premium Sports Tipsters Apt 29525 Chynoweth House, Trevissome Park, Truro, TR4 8UN email: [email protected]

Price: £28 for month 1 then £48 per month or £64 for quarter 1 then £96 per quarter or £97 for 1st 6 months then £177 every half year

Guarantee? No

Service Summary: Win horse race betting advice involving dutching on selected races. Advised by email. Will work with BOG bookies or Betfair Exchange

Bank/Staking Advice: 200 point bank advised with 1 point level staking. Recommended point value be recalculated each month.

Time Input Needed: Few minutes night before racing

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BBR Status: Neutral

Review January 2020: An early offering from Premium Sports Tipsters which is run by a former large publisher specialist.

Many punters consider dutching as a method more likely to produce long term profits and the service here offers normally 3 selections per qualifying race with staking at 1 point per selection. Odds are usually above 5.0 and the intention is that bets are placed with Best Odds Guaranteed bookies – it is claimed the service is also profitable if using BSP which is the only option for many who have had bookmaker accounts closed or restricted.

Selections are advised by email by early morning on the day of the race (or can use the Telegram group if preferred). A betting bank of 200 points is suggested and after any withdrawals a recalculation of the point value should be undertaken monthly. For the purposes of the review (and as the site results are also based) we have stuck with the original point value for reporting. There can be a large number of selections daily and placing the bets could take 15 minutes on some days.

The initial signs were highly promising with 120 points profit in month 1 of the review but this was immediately followed by a 90 point loss next month after which more modest profits were seen until November 2019 and we were poised to recommend subscribing. Luckily a technical issue delayed things and in the meantime December and January have seen losses of all but 100 points.

Overall the service is in profit and has achieved a respectable ROI at over 12%. The BSP picture is less encouraging with losses seen over a longer period of the review and the service results themselves showing less than 50% of the overall profit seen at BOG prices. SP is not worth considering with significant losses made over the life of the service.

With an average price of selections above 10/1 when advised the strike rate will not be high and subscribers would need patience to follow the service. It is run professionally and the site results have been in line with my records during the review. The danger is that those using the service will have their accounts restricted and so the alternative becomes much less attractive.

With the potential downsides for punters and the variable performance we have seen it seems appropriate to class this genuine service as Neutral. We will not be updating results further.

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