Cricket Betting Tipster

Name: Cricket Betting Tipster

How to Contact: Betting Gods Malta Ltd Cricket Tipster The Quay STJ 4010 Portomaso Malta email: [email protected]

Price: £1.99 for 30 days then £49.99 per quarter or £79.99 per 6 months

Guarantee? Yes – 30 day unconditional guarantee offered

Service Summary: Email based cricket betting advice for range of markets. 1 or 2 bets daily. Service commenced March 2018

Bank/Staking Advice: 150 point bank recommended. Staking advised individually with selections

Time Input Needed: Few minutes daily

BBR Status: Failed

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Review 30/4/2021: As a keen cricket fan I was pleased when this service became available on the Betting Gods platform and having seen the record to date anticipated a profitable long term offering was going to be available.

Covering world wide competitions the service is advised by email with clear instructions and odds that are achievable. When the review started a bank of 150 points was advised but it appears that this is now changed to 75 – I cannot recall any advice in the subscriber emails to this effect. Selections are advised in good time for bets to be placed, and for the last year or more have concentrated on match outcomes only. Initially some other markets were covered with higher odds but a lack of success seems to have resulted in a narrower field for betting and as a consequence lower average odds. In the 14 months of this review the average has been 1.84 which is a significant reduction on the headline figure advised on the service website.

Initially the performance was promising with steady bank growth reaching a 16% capital profit with no alarms at all. However, last year’s IPL seems to have been the start of a decline in performance and while no great losses have been incurred the bank has not progressed for many months now. We have seen 244 selections that were valid and 147 (60.2%) have been successful. At the average odds seen this will result in around a 10 point profit per 100 bets which is nothing to write home about.

Rather more worrying is the discrepancy between even the service results and the headline claims on the website – in addition in April there are 2 losing bets completely omitted from the data. The monthly profit/loss shown on the graph for the service does not seem to correlate with the points claimed – for the last 6 months I have noted the service claim against the results I have recorded – I show a loss of 5.52 points compared to the service saying profit of 10.72 from the graph or 1.13 from their spreadsheet. Rather worrying from a publisher that is generally accurate with their results.

But at the end of the day the service has not performed in over a year and despite the now minimal subscription could not be considered good value. We cannot recommend the service and will categorise it as failed. My search for a decent cricket tipster goes on.

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