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Name: The Dutch Bets – Dutch Betting System and Tipping Service

How to Contact:
Apt 22399, Chynoweth House, Trevissome Park, Truro, TR4 8UN. Website or email:

Price: Either one off purchase at £99.99 for guide or subscription options for email advice of selections varying from £19.99 per month to £215.93 per year. (See review remarks)

Guarantee? No

Service Summary: Horse race win betting strategy allowing users to identify races where multiples should be successful. 2 elements offered, single races (using remote bot) and multiple races. Can self select if complete guide purchased or use subscription service to receive daily advice by email.

Bank/Staking Advice: Advised individually – usually 1 or 2% of progressive betting bank per selection

Time Input Needed: Few minutes daily if subscribing or up to 30 minutes if self selecting

BBR Status: Recommended

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Review: It is fair to say I have been a fan of Ryan Phillip’s services since my early days of reviewing when he ran the No Hype operation and I was delighted when he returned to set up Exponential Bet. His philosophy has always been to think as if a subscriber and then apply his betting expertise to offer services that will make money for his clients. Without exception the approach is at the lower end of the risk scale so there is potential for solid foundation elements for betting portfolios.

My initial problem on setting up Best Betting Review was which of the 8 Exponential services to start with. I have plumped for Dutch Betting as I have been following this for the longest period – reviews of other elements will follow over the next few weeks. If you cannot wait just take a look at the website where full explanations of the options are given including details of the recently introduced Automatic Betting Bot which places bets for 2 of the strategies without the need for user input after switching on. More automation is in the pipeline .

A dutch bet is one where there is more than 1 selection in an event and should any of them win the bet will show a profit. Ryan has developed a strategy for identifying horse races where such a scenario has a good chance of success and has then further developed it to allow use of the little known BSP Multiples option available on Betfair where you can make multiple selections in multiple races and compound the stakes. Even better there is no commission payable on winnings placed through the multiples platform.

There are 2 ways to access this service – a one off purchase at £99.99 which will get you a detailed PDF guide on how to select suitable races plus video instruction on how to place the bets in practice along with a spreadsheet for results and full personal support. If any updates to the strategy are made at any time in the future these will be provided at no extra cost. The guide has been updated (June 2019) and is a comprehensive document allowing even those with relatively little racing knowledge to identify potential bets. If you wish to adopt this method of selection you should factor in a period of at least 1 hour in the mid morning to allow the best chances of using it effectively.

Alternatively you can subscribe to the email service where any selections for One Dutch bets will be advised by midday Tuesdays to Saturdays. There are BSP multiples (One Dutch) which users place themselves or the new Remote Dutch where bets are placed on single races using a cloud based bot. The subscription options are shown below:

Again you will receive full personal support if you have any questions regarding the service.

The recently introduced Remote Dutch has been possible with the advent of a new cloud based bot facility which allows Ryan to post the bets when they become viable – often just before the off and so email advice would not be practical. The services works by the user setting up his/her personal staking preference on a bot which is linked to their Betfair account. Once made active the bot will operate without the need for the user to be around and so long as the account is funded any bets will be placed. The bot is fully approved by Betfair (comes from Nigel Dove who has vast experience of this type of program) and Exponential do not have access to any personal details of users from their Betfair data. All that happens is Ryan selects a bet – uploads it to the bot and you will see the outcome on your personal account records as and when you wish. Staking is determined on a race by race basis the current norm being 2% of the betting bank on a progressive basis.

As for the One Dutch there have been 150 bets during my monitoring with a success rate of 90% at average odds of 1.16. There have been changes to the staking advice during this time but the current recommendation is to stake 1% of the progressive bank balance for each bet, which I understand is likely to increase to 2% in the near future. A capital growth of 35.2% has been achieved with a 7.18% return on stakes invested. While these figures are at the lower end of the scale they really reflect the low risk involved in using the strategy – Ryan’s results differ slightly from mine as I missed some betting last year but the point is it works! If you are using the selection advice or remote bot options the time involvement is minimal.

Daily results updates are provided by email and the full performance record is available on site. I will add my Remote Dutching experience now that it is available to the world.

The subscription levels have been updated to take account of the remote option and you can see from the table above the increasing level of discount given for taking both options and longer terms. Even the base monthly subscription is set at a very affordable level and offers good value.

This is a good way to start exploring the full range of Expo service – it is simple to use and will give you a real insight into the inner depths of the site. A good cornerstone for a portfolio which I am happy to recommend.

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