Golden Parachute

Name: Advantage Play Secrets – Golden Parachute

How to Contact: Advantage Play Secrets, Mike Cruikshank, Unit 4 Sandy Court, Ashleigh Way, Plympton PL7 5JX email: [email protected]

Price: £1 for 14 days trial then £99 per year (includes 3 other strategies)

Guarantee? Yes – Can cancel within trial period and receive refund

Service Summary: All but risk free UK and Irish horse racing win betting system using cloud based software to identify opportunities. Bets placed with bookmakers offering BOG prices. Video training included plus ongoing support. From the author of Bonus Bagging.

Bank/Staking Advice: 100 point bank suggested

Time Input Needed: User will determine time input as use of system develops. Qualifying races will take up to 5 minutes to place bets.

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BBR Status: Recommended

Review May 31 2019: If you have not had a read through the service web page I suggest that you do before going any further – it is a good starting point and because it comes from Mike Cruikshank you can be sure it is not making false claims. Mike is the author of Bonus Bagging one of the original matched betting services and who has since developed a raft of complementary services to help punters. His reputation is top class and deservedly so.

I have been following this element of his Advantage Play Secrets suite of systems for almost 18 months now and it is still performing as well as it did on day 1. Even though I only keep an eye on things from the sidelines I have found bets that would have accumulated over 2,700 points in that time with no real risk to the betting bank. Doubtless those following more closely could have achieved more than this.

Advantage Play Secrets is a set of 4 betting strategies covered by the 1 subscription with Golden Parachute being the prime element and the one it is recommended you should start with. On paying your £1 for the initial trial period you will receive full access to all the systems including the video training which explains precisely how to use each element. You can be up and running within an hour of joining.

Golden Parachute is a simplified version of another system that has been around for a long time and has a proven track record. Mike has distilled the critical elements from it and automated them so all the user needs to do is log in to the software (which is web based so always kept up to date without any need for the user to be involved). All UK and Irish races are analysed in real time and a constantly updated list produced showing the overround for each race – where this is 102% or less and there are 6 or less runners it is suggested that bets be placed on all runners in the hope that the winner will come in at greater odds and thus a profit be made thanks to BOG being applied. If you follow this at all times you will be risking 2 points per race but I have found that it is not really necessary to take on races where the overround is more than 99% and a very satisfactory profit is still achieved.

You need to keep checking the software through the day – I start first thing ion the morning and refer back at regular intervals. A productive time is often mid morning but the profitable situations may arise at any time through the day. An example of the main display is shown below with a good opportunity highlighted

You then click on “calculator” to the right of the display and the full race details are revealed as below. In this case a 4 runner race where a 98% overround is available by using 4 bookmakers.

This example shows stakes totalling £100 being placed (and a possible risk of £2 if the outsider wins. The user decides on the total stake and the individual stake calculations are made by the software – you can round to full £’s to avoid bookies thinking you are arbing if desired. All you do then is wait for the race to run and check the result safe in the knowledge you are not going to lose your shirt. The outcome here was:

The second favourite won having drifted out to 8.0 from the original 5.0 which resulted in a BOG gain of £60 and a total profit of £62. Not bad for 5 minutes work.

I soon took the view that I would concentrate on races guaranteed to give a profit even if there is no BOG bonus. And as mentioned I do not watch the software all day and so probably miss quite a few opportunities to make other gains. I did decide that I would use races with more than 6 runners where the margin was good which means a bit more hasty bet placing but as can be seen from the detailed results very profitable.

At this point it is worth discussing the betting bank you should use. The suggested 100 points is fine so long as you aren prepared to await refunds of winnings so you can place more bets. As we know bookies take full advantage of the banking system to make their payments so my suggestion is that you split your personal bank into 5 sets of 100 points and for the first month keep your profits available for re-investing so you will soon be able to have cash available for all the opportunities that arrive.

There are times when the odds disclosed on the software are gone by the time you get to the bookies – I’m afraid this is inevitable and can be caused by bookies not feeding their latest prices to Oddschecker and the like as quickly as perhaps they should. Doubtless they hope you will just accept the reduced odds and not bother to go elsewhere!

The system does require attention from the user through the racing day and so may not appeal to all but it is a real gem for those who have the time available. And this is without touching the 3 other systems which can be operated alongside once you have Golden Parachute up and running. I will report on those in the future.

In my view this is another winner from Mike and with the low cost initial trial available to make sure it suits you there is little risk either. I have no hesitation in adding the system to the recommended list of services.

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