Remote Dutch Betting

Name: Remote Dutch Betting by Exponential Bet

How to Contact: 
Apt 22399, Chynoweth House, Trevissome Park, Truro, TR4 8UN.Website or email: 

Price: Subscription options varying as below

Guarantee? No

Service Summary:  Cloud based betting bot automatically placing horse racing dutch bets selected by service author – operates Tuesday to Saturday.

Bank/Staking Advice: User determines staking level – service recommends up to 2% of progressive betting bank per selection

Time Input Needed: A few minutes to set up bot then no input needed at any time.

BBR Status: Recommended

Review: This review covers one element of the Exponential Dutch Betting system and service for horse racing which I have reviewed fully here.

A recent development in the betting world is the advent of cloud based betting bots which will operate whether or not the individual user has their device active. All the user needs to do is set up their account specific instructions and authorise the use with Betfair and then they can sit back and know that any appropriate bets will be placed with no further personal input. (It is worth emphasising that the service does not have access to the users individual Betfair account at any time.) Ryan has often said that the need to identify suitable races close to the off has meant that he cannot pass these to clients in time. Now he specifies the bet through his control panel and it is automatically distributed to all the clients instantly.

Thorough testing has taken place through the spring of 2019 including a live beta test and the full service has become live in August 2019. Here bets are for a single race and in general there is a target return of at least 15% on stake. The number of horses covered varies with each race.

On signing up for the service you will receive a welcome email with simple instructions on how to register your account with the bot. Advice on staking is also included the bot offering several options for users including a ratchet. Daily reports on bets placed are emailed to subscribers at the end of the day.

If you want to monitor what is happening on your bot you can log in and this is the display you will be shown:

The performance data can be downloaded in csv format for up to 12 months after the event.

All we have to do now is follow the results which we shall of course do and update this report regularly. As with all Exponential Services the back up support is second to none and the modest monthly subscription looks like offering excellent value.

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  1. Good morning Gents – Ive stumbled across your website whilst hunting for the ultimate Dutching/Bookmaking interface/calculator which I dont exists as yet. Are all your dutching products automated ?

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