Lay to the Bank

Name: Lay to the Bank

How to Contact: Email: [email protected] or service website

Price: £45 (plus VAT where applicable) for 90 days. Covers 90 days of tips rather than consecutive days. (May 2021 special offer to end of year£75)

Guarantee? Yes – 30 day unconditional refund available (Clickbank)

Bank/Staking Advice: 50 point bank recommended with 1 point staking

Service Summary: Horse race lay betting advice (not Sundays) offering around 4 selections daily. Low end of the odds market normally.

Time Input Needed: Few minutes when email advice received – normally around 11.30am

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BBR Status: Failed

Review October 2021: If you are on the email list of almost anyone you will probably have received the invitation for this service and will still be receiving countless others on a weekly basis. I decided to review this one for 2 reasons first there were several other lays services being promoted at the time and a comparison seemed appropriate and second the marketing material was rather more professional than most offering some hope that there could be a successful service offered.

The author went about his work professionally and on signing up for the service you receive detailed instructions on how to follow the selections which are sent daily by email. The aim is to find low priced horses that will not justify the optimism surrounding them and so lay them on a betting exchange. The author used S Markets prices but this is not really practical for many as the liquidity there remains limited until near the off and the recommendation here is that the bet be placed on receipt of the email advice. I have therefore used the Betfair price available on receipt of the email and also included an assessment using BSP which is really the only guaranteed price that all could achieve. That said the prices quoted were usually available within a tick or two.

A betting bank of 50 points was suggested with a stake of 1 point per selections – the liability would of course be higher than this.

The initial performance was excellent and the initial bank was doubled with the BSP performance even more profitable. The service received positive feedback from subscribers and enquiries to the author were met with prompt and reasoned responses. With some 400 bets placed at this point the signs were promising and I did give a positive view on the monthly performance table report.

A poor month followed which the author acknowledged and indicated should be a temporary situation but this turned out to be a false hope and the drift downwards has continued almost unabated. we now have seen 699 bets with 190 winning their race. The average advised odds have been 4.30 and simple maths will show you that profits cannot be achieved at this strike rate. In practice the starting bank has been more than halved and while the BSP performance is better a further issue has arisen in that selections and email enquiries have been discontinued! I have tried to ascertain what is happening but no response received – it does appear that some subscribers might still be getting selections but as far as i am concerned the service has burned it’s boats.

A very disappointing outcome for a service that showed good promise. The marketing mafia continue to send details of new services almost every week and the common theme is the vast profits claimed with no independent verification of the results shown.

There is no alternative but to fail this service and see if the search for a decent lay service will eventually find one.

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  1. Joined on 1st March and can confirm 15 winners from 16 selections. Only paper trading because I’ve bought into many services that promise the earth and don’t deliver. Got a good feeling about this.

  2. Joined on Tuesday and 12/12 at £7.50 each lay. £88 up after 3 days for a service that cost £54 (inc VAT). I’d have been very happy with 11/12, OK with 10/12 so I am delighted! Of course early days and could change but very glad I joined. BTW – am laying at a couple of ticks below and usually get taken at some point.

  3. I’ve only been trying out this system for the last 3 days and Joe’s figures are absolutely correct. I’ve only used small stakes so far but haven’t had a loser, although some losers are inevitable when betting. What I like about laying is that you are essentially backing 1 horse to lose so the rest of the field are running for you.
    Keep them coming Joe!

  4. Only joined 2 days ago, blown away by the results 4/4 both days, despite many other tipsters giving the same horses as winning tips, may it long continue

  5. Joined this week very impressed so far sixteen lay bets only one won and that was odds on what I like about this service is that the odds to lay at are all
    quite short average about 3/1 so far only £5 lays for me until I have seen a
    months results but so far very encouraging
    Mike Burke

  6. Hi , been following the service for 3 days , 8/8 first day then 2/2 for third day . Unfortunately I was busy when the bets were published so missed the first 2 lays of the day . But 100% cant be bettered. I know its early days but it helps to get a few wins under your belt .

  7. Only been trading this system for 2 days so a little early to give an overall verdict. However, both days have been 100% successful with 4 winning trades each day. A very good start, long may it continue.

  8. Only joined yesterday 4 results from 4 can’t get better than that hopefully keep the results coming top man

  9. Followed all the 4 tips on the first day after subscription which was Thursday 4th March.
    Well impressed they all were positive

    1. Thanks for heads up Gary – somebody must have access that I am unaware of as was fine last night! Will re-do shortly.

  10. I have just read my email every day since 01 march and the service has proved itself far better on the SP than other *tipster” I have now got FOMO so I have just GOT to join

  11. Very impressed with results so far.Been following over last 3 days.
    Best laying service I have joined.

  12. As one of the many punters who have been taken for a ride so many times Joe you are now my best pal.Seven days without a loss, and please continue.

  13. Most things have been said but at these prices if
    the strike rate dipped a little it would not take long
    to recover any losses.
    Subscription also very good.Overall very happy indeed.

    1. There is no monthly option. Subscriptions as shown above with currently special offer for remainder of 2021.

    1. Hi Alan. Could not agree more. Not even getting selections now and no reply to emails either. Have you had any selections since Tuesday?

  14. Yes , I think he’s done a runner . Losses for several
    months . I cancelled just in time to get a refund from
    clickbank as I wasn’t happy with the way it was going .

    For some reason I was still getting the tips after cancelling my sub ,so I was able to monitor results ,and
    confirming my decision .

  15. Email with tips today and so far 3 out of 3. No explanations, really don’t know what’s going on. Results have been on the downslope so not betting anyway. No confidence.

  16. What are people’s return like now on this service, unless I’m reading the results on here the system has lost alot of money???

  17. I’d give it a miss at the moment.
    Advices have been a bit hit and miss of late with no reasons given and no responses to emails. There have been bets this week and small profits made but today, with one bet still to go, has been a disaster with over 10 points down already.

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