Racing Intelligence

Name: Racing Intelligence

How to Contact: Matthew Walton Ltd, Melbourne House, 44-46 Grosvenor Square, Stalybridge SK15 2JN Tel 01625 315654 email: [email protected]

Price: £97 (+VAT in EU)

Guarantee? Yes – 30 day unconditional refund offered

Service Summary: Win and each way horse race tipping service with selections derived from bookmaker information. Advised by SMS and email. Best used with BOG bookmakers but does work at BSP

Bank/Staking Advice: 50 point bank advised with staking individually specified

Time Input Needed: Few minutes when selections advised – timing varies across racing day.

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BBR Status: Recommended

Review June 7 2019: The service publisher has been around for a fair time and seems to find angles for his services which are a little removed from the run of the mill offerings – I would put him in the premium end of the market overall. I first looked at his Golf Insider service in 2015 and it is still going strong today.

Racing Intelligence has been available since 2017 and I started a review in February 2018 which I can of course now use here on BBR. There are many services claiming to offer selections based on information but most of these are relying on a stable employee who can never know the full picture for a race. What differs here is that a bookmaker employee is watching out for bets placed by a select number of punters who are considered to be in the know and so offer a good steer on potentially profitable bets. As soon as bets are placed by these people the information is passed on to subscribers by email and SMS.

Selections can be found in a wide price range and are both win and each way advice. It is important to act on the information quickly as the price can move when the bookmaker see these people betting. The intention is that bets are placed with BOG bookmakers as soon as practical. Bets may be received at varying times through the day and there will be days with nothing advised.

A betting bank of 50 points is recommended and staking is advised individually at anything up to 10 points although the norm is 3 or 4 per selection. The current price and bookies offering this are also advised. All communication is highly professional as you would expect from a publisher such as Matthew.

After a slightly uncertain start in February 2018 my review has generally seen a positive progression throughout. Some 674 bets have been placed with 269 (39.9%) producing a return for the bank. The stakes have been 40% win and 60% for each way bets with a total of 2368 points staked at the time of writing.

Overall the service has been very profitable, especially in 2019, and we have recorded a profit of 552 points at a quite exceptional ROI of 23.27%. The capital gain over this period is just over 1100%. What is surprising is to learn that the profit is all coming from the each way bets (wins show a small overall loss so far) and a closer examination of the results shows some high priced winners and also good place money – for example just 3 days ago a selection at 40/1 was placed second (price came in to 9/1) and generated 14 points profit.

The graph shows that there have been some fallow periods during the review but also demonstrates strongly the need for a long term approach to betting. I can imagine subscribers giving up quite early in the review period and they would be kicking themselves now with the profits achieved.

I was also interested in the service comments that prices will generally fall once released and so from the start decided to see if there was an alternative angle for using the service – backing to lay before the off. The outcome for this can be seen in column P of the results spreadsheet which assumes it would be possible to trade at the advised and starting prices. Column H is colour coded to show steamers (green) and drifters (red). Although not producing quite the profit of the service as intended it has still shown a perhaps less stressful way of profiting from the selections with around 395 points profit.

It is clear from the marketing page that the service is aimed at people who will be staking at higher levels – hence our results being based on a £50 point. The subscription is not cheap and I cannot recall any other service in nearly 1500 reviews where I have felt able to justify recommending such a high subscription. But the exception proves the rule and taking into account the subs that would have been paid over the review period we would still be showing a profit in excess of 520 points – an average of just over 30 per month net of subscription costs. So the net cost to date has been about £3 per point which is not unreasonable.

We shall continue our review of this well managed and profitable service which we are happy to recommend.

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  1. Have been a follower of this service for a while now and can vouch for it being profitable.It is hard to achieve prices advised in most cases however it has still proved profitable for me and even shows a profit-albeit less so,at Betfair sp.One of the better services I have come across.

  2. Considering there was a minus 37 points performance in June, it would seem to me that the recommended bank of 50 points is way too low. At least 100 points should be recommended, but probably even higher. If I had started in June and lost 75% of my bank, there’s is no way I would stay on and I would expect the vast majority of all bettors to think like that. It’s bad bank/money management.

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