Market Feeder pro

Name: Market Feeder Pro

How to Contact: via Welldone Software – website or email: [email protected]

Price: Free trial for 1 month then £10 per 2 weeks/£14 per month/£29 per quarter/£49 per half year/£89 per year

Guarantee? No -a free trial is available

Service Summary: Betfair betting bot offering wide range of options from simple bets to automated trading. Offers speedy access to Betfair improving matching chances.

Time Input Needed: Initial time investment needed to set up software then User determines

Initial Review:

As a big fan of automating processes  as far as possible I was pleased to be asked to take a look at this long established betting bot which is available with relevant additional software and products which supplement the main service. I recall reviewing the bot in my More Money Review days and being impressed with the scope – sadly my report seems to have got lost in the mists of time but no matter.

Before I look at the bot  I would just mention that the company offers a VPS (virtual private server) which is tailored specially for bettors to use. It is very competitively priced  and  with the specialist expertise behind the product well worth a look. If you are wondering why you should consider using a VPS then have a read of this article.

Before you start

Market Feeder is a bot for placing bets automatically on Betfair – it offers facilities that will allow you to trade without having to monitor the market, system bet selection with staking plan application and many more knobs and whistles. Triggered betting is its

main USP and there are more than 50 pre-written settings which can be used by subscribers.

Take a look at the video on the site to get a real feel of the capabilities and decide if the bot will be useful for your betting needs. If so then download the software and register – you have 1 month to assess the software before any payment is due.

If you are a system designer at any level then a complementary program – Time Machine – will allow you to test past results on your proposals before setting them up to run in real time on Market Feeder Pro. (A review page for this software will be set up soon)

Use Test Mode to start with

At this stage you need to be prepared to invest some time to make sure you understand how the bot works – in the long run you will save hours for a relatively small input at the outset. The bot may be operated in test mode so you can check that the set up you have made works in practice without risking actual cash. The “Features” page on the site has much useful information that will guide you through setting up your betting and you ignore this help at your peril! There are pre-set system files that you can use to get a real feel for how it all works and there is also a user forum which offers help at all levels.

This is a sophisticated piece of kit and the time you will need to invest in getting to know the program is likely to be very worthwhile long term. With a month’s free trial available to check everything out it really is a bit of a no brainer not to have a go.

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