Why you should use a VPS

If you are a serious punter using on line bookies you should consider taking a simple step that will ensure your betting activities are secure, always available and can be accessed from anywhere. Should you use betting bots then this is almost an essential tool for your kitbag. (I have made this article into a video here if you prefer!)

I’m talking about Virtual Private Servers – VPS for short.

This is a facility that is effectively giving the user a second device which is accessed through your existing desktop. In effect a simple app that even the most technophobic can use – the fact that you are reading this means you have the necessary skills to us a VPS.

There are a number of providers for this product but they all offer the following benefits:

Internet connection to them always maintained

Local power failure does not affect operation

Remote access from almost any device

Privacy can be maintained

Just imagine you are all set for the day’s racing and have entered your bets on your favourite bot. You leave your device running and go out for the afternoon but when you return the house is in darkness following a local power cut. One of your horses came in at BSP 9.50 but your bet was not placed because of the power failure.

How miffed would you be? Pretty much I would suggest and using a VPS would have overcome this issue readily.

Or you may be asked to place bets for a family member on a regular basis. If you use the same device as that you place your bets from your accounts will be linked by the bookies who will connect them from the IP address that you are operating from. Using a VPS gives you a completely separate IP address even though you use the same desktop. Separation easily maintained.

You may also have heard of the spyware that bookies place on your PC without your permission – using a VPS will allow you to prevent this.

There are a large number of VPS providers and it is important to use one that is based in your country of residence otherwise the bookies will not allow you to open accounts – just search “UK based VPS” or similar in your browser and the options will be found easily. Costs vary from £5 per month upwards and for most you are looking at between £20 and £30 to achieve the performance level you will need.

Look for a minimum up time guarantee of at least 99.5% and at least 1GB of RAM preferably 2. If you are running a bot this will almost certainly be Windows based so make sure the VPS is too.

Now betting is a serious business and you want to maximise your chances of winning so I suggest you should use the best equipment to help achieve this. If you are UK based then there are a couple of solutions that stand out because they are produced by companies that specialise in betting products.

First up is called BETVPS – run by the company behind the Market Feeder Betfair Bot which has been around for many years, subscribers are offered 3 levels of access at competitive prices. There is a video on the site showing how to use the VPS – for most UK betting the middle subscription level will be appropriate.

Second is the offering by Betting Dev who are based in Spain but have set up their VPS to run as if based in the UK which for the reasons explained above is important.

You can see a detailed video on the Betting Dev VPS here or go straight to their website to subscribe.

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