The Statman Daily

Name: The Statman Daily

How to Contact: via WAP Tipsters website or email:
[email protected] (No website link now as service appears to have discontinued)

Price: £1 for first 14 days then £44 per month or £89 per quarter

Guarantee? Yes – 60 day unconditional guarantee available

Service Summary:Win and each way betting advice for 1 horse race meeting daily. System based advised by email night before racing (or WhatsApp if preferred)

Bank/Staking Advice: 125 point bank advised with 2 or 1 point staking per selection

Time Input Needed: Minutes daily

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BBR Status: Recommended

Review 9 October 2019: This service is published by WAP Tipsters, a relative newcomer to the sports betting world but included in the team are proven experts with experience of other houses who have now decided to try and promote profitable services without the extras that often appear uninvited. Our tipster here has developed his professional skills in the commercial world to find ways of making horse race betting pay in his words with “no insider information or fancies, this service is made from hard facts and statistics, winning formulae and long term trends”. Seems like a good starting point to me.

The mode here is to offer selections from 1 race meeting each day – win or each way – and pick the best from the meeting rather than have to cover each race. The selections are advised by email the night before racing normally staking 1 point from a recommended 125 point bank although there are some bets at a 2 point level. Prices quoted are available when the email is sent and the price timing is specified so users can know what is happening. An average of 4 bets per day is the norm. As you would expect there is no analysis the selections being derived from multiple systems.

From a technical standpoint the service operates very professionally with selections staking and pricing quite clear to users.

To date we have seen over 850 selections with prices ranging from heavy odds on to 66/1 when advised. There tends to be a downwards trend for selections but there have also been some useful BOG gains helping profits. With the exception of a Lucky 31 being advised on 1 occasion the other bets are split between win and each way with win bets in the majority.

The initial results were not too impressive but equally did not nose dive and after a couple of moths the trend has been positive as demonstrated by the graph. Of 852 bets 323 have returned cash to the bank (37.97%) which now shows a profit of 119.9 points at an ROI of 10.18%. The win bets are showing a greater return at 14.06% but the each ways are also meeting the average return at 10.27%. Had the Lucky 31 not been advised the picture would be even rosier. Allowing for subscriptions at the monthly level the cost per point of profit has been £2.21 which is not at all excessive.

For those seeking a simple tipping service which offers steady profit this would seem a good opportunity. I would see the risk as low to medium and while this performance continues am happy to recommend the service. My only reservation is the potential difficulty that might be encountered with bookmakers unless careful account management is practised. The low initial price allows you to see if the service will suit your personal style and there is a 60 day guarantee for the service.

UPDATE June 2020: The service appears to have ceased with the host website also re-configuring itself. We have removed the link to ensure members do not inadvertently reach the wrong site. And have re-classifed the service as neutral.

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  1. How come a Lucky 31 is quoted in your results but not
    on The Statman’s results ?
    Looks like some big losses too.

  2. I emailed the publisher asking about the discrepancy and have not received a reply but have just checked the site results again and the Lucky 31 is now showing on the results. Good example of the value of our reviews and the eagle eyed members who keep a check on such things 🙂

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