The Staking Machine

Name: The Staking Machine

How to Contact: Crystal Software Apt/Suite 23563 Chynoweth House, Trevissome Park, Truro TR4 8UN  email:

Price: £29.99 one off purchase (can be used on 2 devices) or for cloud based version accessible from anywhere £25 for 6 months or £40 per year

Guarantee? No – but can fully evaluate before purchase

Service Summary: Software program allowing bet tracking, results analysis and staking plan optimization which can also be adapted to use as a betting bot. Full user instructions included with support available.

Time Input Needed: User will determine use made of software – initial time investment up to an hour to become familiar with program.

BBR Status: Recommended

Review: In my view this piece of kit should be a compulsory purchase for anybody who wants to start betting on a serious basis. It allows you to check out the claims made by the marketing emails and websites and see whether you really should follow a service or system. All you need is some results to analyse.

But I’m getting ahead of myself as no doubt the description “software program” has put a warning sign in many heads. Well if you are using this website and can navigate the internet then there is no reason at all why you cannot make full – and profitable – use of The Staking Machine.

Downloading is simple and you will soon have the program showing on your desktop with the help file prominent to encourage you to learn how to use the software. There are video explanations as well which are clear and effective.

The program will allow you to analyse any win or lay betting system (any sport) and take your own decision as to its potential, which staking plan would be likely the best to use with the system and then will calculate the next stake for you automatically. You can play with odds parameters and see which are effective or not and there are numerous extensions of the basic system which allow you to refine your thoughts further including a destruction testing option and an ELS calculator (expected losing sequence). Of particular interest is the Confidence Test which will shuffle the results you have asked it to test some 5 times and lets you know if you have been lucky or unlucky with the sequence of the bets. You can easily import your existing spreadsheet data for the program to use or you can download Racing Index stats if you are looking at new systems. You can save a variety of settings so that you can come back to each individual system and use it without additional bother.

All of these functions work pretty intuitively but the help files are always available if you get stuck. I suggest that you have a set of results that you want to check out and use these to work through the initial set up and familiarisation for the program. This should take no longer than an hour and is going to pay real dividends for you in the future. If you need help the on line assistance is good and the author will also respond to emails promptly.

The only restriction on the test version of the program is that you can only analyse 10 selections at any one time but this will allow you to understand if the product is for you or not. The biggest drawback I can see is the potential to get sucked in to analysis and forget to place your bets! Even then help is at hand as you can link to an automated bet placing service (at extra cost) and the bets you have selected will be placed for you. (We have not tested this element of the program ourselves).

An option for users now is that a cloud based version is available (for an ongoing subscription) which would allow you to access your data from anywhere there is an internet connection and at any time. The desktop version allows you to install the software on 2 devices.

It might be useful to include an example of a system analysis which I was asked to look at. I loaded a results spreadsheet to the software – any of the standard file types will work – and make 1 click of the mouse. This produces an analysis display as below:

TSM System Analysis

I then selected what appeared to be the most useful staking plans and with another mouse click was shown this graphic display of the system:

System Graph Analysis

And a simple summary of the results is also available as follows:

All this took me about 5 minutes which is hardly an excessive investment to allow a realistic check on the potential performance of the system. The one off cost is also a steal for such a sophisticated bit of kit.

So you have nothing to lose and much to gain by trying this software. Please remember that it does not select the bets to be placed for you. However, I shall be making use of it on further reviews and recommend that anyone who is serious about their betting should have this highly effective tool in their armoury.

Update February 2020: A major upgrade has just been released for the software (provided free of charge for previous version registrants) and the main difference is that the automated betting capability has been removed. In many ways this makes absolute sense and the bet placement facility is now available via a separate betting bot – The Bet Machine – which currently offers Betfair placement but plans are afoot to add Betdaq as well. We will add a review of this bot as soon as possible.

For The Staking Machine the software has been completely revised to reflect current practices with an emphasis on user friendliness. The value remains in this excellent product.

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