The Bet Machine

Name: The Bet Machine

How to Contact: Crystal Software Apt/Suite 23563 Chynoweth House, Trevissome Park, Truro TR4 8UN  email: [email protected]

Price: 7 day free trial then £20 per month (can be used on 2 devices) Requires subscription to Gruss Betting Assistant running concurrently. (£6 per month)

Guarantee? Free evaluation period for software plus initial 7 day trial once subscribed.

Service Summary: Betting bot allowing full automation of betting on Betfair Exchange – horse racing, greyhounds,soccer and tennis. Includes 40 staking plans and allows conditional betting. Detailed help files and on line support available. Suitable for Windows Operating system devices only.

Time Input Needed: After initial period setting up software time will vary with user self determining.

BBR Status: Recommended

Review February 2020: I am always interested when proven service providers launch new products and here the pedigree is first class. Take a look at our review for The Staking Machine which is the daddy for this brand new betting bot.

In effect what has happened is the bet placing capability on Staking Machine has been hived off and developed into a brand new software which allows subscribers to automatically place bets on the Betfair Exchange – a Betdaq option is planned for a future release. You should be aware that the software is designed to operate on a Windows based pc only.

The bot allows you to place bets on horse racing, greyhounds, soccer and tennis. You can download the software free and check out the features for as long as you like although it is not possible to place bets until you subscribe but even then you receive a 7 day period before any cash is taken via your Paypal account. This should be plenty of time to allow a full evaluation of the software and decide if it is for you. You also need to download and install Gruss Betfair Assistant which has a 30 day free trial so no cash is being risked at the outset. I recommend that you set aside a couple of hours to allow a proper look at the options available – there is excellent instructional information on the site and the program help file.

Without getting too technical The Bet Machine is a multi instance program which means that you can run it as many times as you wish on the device. There is a limit of 8 systems that can be used with each instance so if you want to run 24 betting systems daily you would just run the software 3 times having set up each set of 8 in a profile. This facility allows you to be nice and tidy as you can set up a profile for horses, one for greyhounds etc etc. It is possible to back and lay as you wish for each system that you set up and the 40 available staking plans should give you all the flexibility you need in that regard. It is possible to set limits for profit and/or losses both on each system and globally for each of the profiles you are using. You can install the product on 2 separate devices with each licence thus facilitating use at say home and the office!

Many of you use Excel or Open Office to set up personal systems and it is possible to import these to the program which will then make the selections daily. Similarly results can be exported to be analysed as required even though they are retained on the system as well.

By default all the systems are set to run in test mode with a 10p stake – this allows you to make sure you have got everything right before you start betting at the stake level you intend which can save a few pennies! Although described as test mode an actual bet is placed at the low level set which avoids potential issues with Betfair thinking you are using their data commercially.

And should you use a tipping service then so long as the service can offer a daily file for their selections this can be imported directly into the Bet Machine and the bets placed without further ado. Particularly useful when the inevitable unplanned event occurs at home and you are in the wrong place when the service selections are released.

Now this may all sound a bit complex but in practice it isn’t especially if you are prepared to read the instructions! There are helpful articles with screenshots showing the whole process from set up to placing bets and the couple of hours time invested in making sure you know what you are doing is likely to be repaid many times over by both the profit you should make betting and the time saved.

The subscription level is very fair when compared to other betting bots of this nature and when you consider what a sophisticated piece of kit is involved it’s a steal! We will look at Gruss in more detail soon but you have the extra benefits offered there as well as The Bet Machine so a real bargain. Happy to recommend the product to members.

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