Racing to 5K

Name: Racing to 5k

How to Contact: Stephen, Unit F Winston Business Park, Churchill Way, Sheffield S35 2PS – service website or email: support

Price: £47 +VAT where appropriate. One off payment

Guarantee? Yes – 30 day unconditional refund offered (Clickbank)

Time Input Needed: Few minutes daily

Service Summary: Horse racing win betting advice using multiples to grow bank from £100 to £5,000. Previously achieved in 58 days. New series begins 4/1/2021

Bank/Staking Advice: £100 starting bank advised with staking specified daily.

BBR Status: Failed

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Review 31 January 2021: This is the second of the recent rash of Challenge services that we have looked at and the portents for the genre are not good.

I had rather more hope for this one than Build My Betting Bank – at least the author responded to initial emails and his early posts to members gave some explanation of how he goes about reading form and thus formulating his selections.

The marketing specifically stated that this objective had previously been achieved in a short space of time although not formally proofed and the copy of the last bet placed to achieve the target could easily have been photoshopped. The new service aimed to turn £100 initial bank into £5,000 or more in around 2 months. Ambitious certainly but if the pre-launch hype was to be believed was not likely to be a problem for this author.

If you sign up you receive confirmation of success and a quick recycling of the marketing blurb advising that you will receive emails when selections are ready and these are then available on a page on the website – there is then another step as you have to download a PDF file which sets out the selections and staking. Rather long and involved especially as the PDF file always comes with a warning it is not fully complicit with the protocols expected. We were advised that things will start slowly so as to build the bank to a point where rather more exotic gambles can be entertained and where the returns will be significant. Certainly sounded like a plan.

Day 1 saw 4 individual bets with an initial winner even though not quite a profit overall. Day 2 saw a couple of place bets plus the double all successful and followed by day 3 with 7 place bets and a further profit.

But that was as good as it ever was with the introduction of a wide range of multiples mainly using the 2 place markets but with a lack of success on all but 1 of the next 24 days. There have been 11 different types of bet used but the only one showing a positive return is the straight place bets of which there were just 2!

The author did give some thoughts on the position saying it was often the case and would not take long to sort things out but of course since then has been completely silent and ignored my emails asking how he could advise selections when the bank has been completely used. But nothing and the selections keep coming. The bank is now overdrawn £36 and there is little alternative but to fail this rather lame attempt.

I am aware that other subscribers have had their emails ignored and would recommend that any who are still involved make a claim on the Clickbank guarantee before the 30 day period runs out. Do this using Clickbank customer services rather than waste time emailing the author and then having to go to customer services anyway!

So 100% failure rate for the challenges seen so far – lets hope the affiliate marketers that promote this stuff realise their day is done. I am not going to dignify the service with any more monitoring even though it has only been going for a month. It is probably the quickest blowing of a betting bank I have ever seen at just 22 days.

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  1. Racing to £5k was a huge disappointment following the initial marketing hype.
    Having given it the benefit of a poor start, the results continued to plummet as did my bank account.
    Following a couple of emails to the author to get some reassurance without any replies, I began to realise it was time to exit.
    Fortunately, the guarantee through Clickbank was honoured and I left the service with only minor losses..

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